Get your fresh PneumaBlogger button here!

Get your fresh PneumaBlogger button here!

I'm a PneumaBlogger!

Update, April 15, 2007: As of today, you can now link directly to your own entry in the PneumaBlogs list. Just look for the “link to this item” text to find your custom URL for your entry.

Update, April 10, 2007: You can also use the square-but-fiery button shown at right. Just see the updated section below.

For the 130+ PneumaBloggers currently listed on my PneumaBlogs page, if you want to host a button on your site promoting your pneumatic bloggy-ness, here it is in all its drab elegant simplicity:

I'm a PneumaBlogger!

Please right-click on the image and host it from your website (it’s only 255 bytes) and then link to the PneumaBlogs page (or the PneumaSphere aggregator). Here’s sample code you can use:

I'm a PneumaBlogger!

That’s it! (except, you’ll probably want to change the URL to point to your site, since the URL for my button might change unexpectedly.)

As far as I’m concerned, you can also host the button on your blog if you just want to identify yourself as a PneumaBlogger, but don’t necessarily want to be linked (or haven’t gotten linked) in my list.

Updated: 04/08/2007

If you like the hot-red square button, use this code instead:

I'm a PneumaBlogger!

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8 thoughts on “Get your fresh PneumaBlogger button here!

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  2. Rich Post author

    Hey, Paul, I probably should’ve explained that wherever you save the button as an image, you need to modify the code to point to it.

    That being said, I’m not sure if blogspot allows you to upload images to your weblog. So, go ahead and feel free to use this:

    <a href="; target="_blank" title="I’m a PneumaBlogger!"><img src="; border="0" height="15" width="80" alt="I’m a PneumaBlogger!" /></a><br />


  3. Rich Post author

    Oh, one more thing, for some reason, WordPress likes to substitute straight quotes with curly-quotes. Make sure any place you see a double-quote, make sure it’s the plain old straight quotes that don’t curl in toward the letters.


  4. Paul Schafer

    I tried to copy/paste your think in comment #2 and I made sure the quotations are the curved, but still nothing shows up on my blog. Do you have anymore suggestions?

  5. Rich Post author

    That’s strange, Paul. You shouldn’t have had to do anything to these quotes, I made sure they appeared as they should in the comment.

    What happens if you copy and paste the code from my comment into a comment on your blog, or a post? This code should work anywhere.

    For example, I’ll paste it below:

    I’m a PneumaBlogger!

    It should work.

  6. Rich Post author

    Hi, Peter, alert reader Kathi Sharpe pointed out to me that I had mistakenly left the .gif extension on the square-button code. I’ve edited the code samples above to reflect accurate HTML code. Tray again?

    Sorry about that.


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