New Feature: In-Line Editable Comments

New Feature: In-Line Editable Comments

Hello, Gentle Readers.

If you’re part of the one-percenters who comment here from time-to-time you might be happy to know that I have enabled a feature to edit comments after you’ve posted them, and you don’t even have to leave the page! (Thanks to Ronald Huereca.)

Come on, leave a comment and give it a whirl! You know you want to.

I’ve set the tool to allow you to edit your comments for 90 minutes after you’ve submitted it. I have no idea what the system will do if you’ve never commented before and your missive winds up in the moderation pool. But it would be useful to find out. (Hint.)


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5 thoughts on “New Feature: In-Line Editable Comments

  1. Amy

    Or would we be the 10-percenters?

    “10 will “interact” with it (commenting or offering improvements)”

    Ooooh look at me editing my comment! In-Line!

    It says my comment is awaiting moderation… and here I am editing away for the second time.

  2. Chet Swearingen


    I don’t know how many times I have posted a comment, then after clicking “submit,” I regreted what I had said, or I noticed a regretful error in my remark. I made a correction after my submission. The feature works great!

    Thanks for the extra feature. I may investigate this for my blog.

  3. Rich Post author

    Amy, you may be right. I get, on average, about 250 unique visitors a day. And currently have about 180 subscribers to my feed. In either case, it comes out to about 18-25 commenters, and that seems about right, for the most frequent commenters here.

    And, I’m glad to note that your edits worked just fine on your post in moderation. So, Et Voilà! I’m happy, and I love this new feature!

    Chet, I’m glad you liked the feature! Just follow the link to Ronald Huereca’s site in the post above and you can download the WordPress plugin to try out yourself. It was a painless install, as promised, and worked right out of the box.

    The only modification I had to do was remove the “clear” elements from the stylesheet and the PHP file so that the new feature didn’t mangle my comments layout. And I made the comment form longer than the default length for convenience. I’m sure most people wouldn’t have to do that.


  4. Rich Post author

    Another new “feature,” not a bug, really, is the “CAPTCHA” question in the comment form that requires you to answer a simple question before posting. Yes. The questions are devastatingly simple, and they’re open book. I even give you the answer.

    Nice thing is it also doesn’t interfere with comment editing. Nice.

    If you want it for your own WordPress blog, check out



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