During the sixteenth century both England and France had sent courageous explorers to North America searching in vain for the Northwest Passage to China. But not until the London Company landed its first colonists at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607, did permanent settlements begin drawing Englishmen to the New World.

Influenced by the Separatism movement, a congregation from Scrooby, England moved to Holland for safety and freedom of worship. After ten years in Holland this congregation, led by Pastor John Robinson, realized that their children were growing up out of touch with their homeland, forgetting even their native tongue. But to return to England meant a return to the evil ways of English society. They had heard of the English colony in Virginia planted in 1607. Perhaps the new continent of America was their answer. A small number was willing to try, and they returned to England, where they were joined by another group of like minded pilgrims. In September, 1620, a company of about a hundred souls set sail from Plymouth in a ship called the Mayflower. In November the crew sighted the rocky shore of New England. The Pilgrim Fathers stepped ashore at what we call Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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