American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

The first foreign missionary society, founded in 1810. It was formed on the initiative of a group of students at the new Congregational Andover Theological Seminary.The leader of the group was Samuel J. Mills.

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2 thoughts on “American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

  1. Suan Khan Thang

    Dear Brothers in Christ,

    Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am Suan Khan Thang, born of a good Christian family in a small village of Myanmar and a co-worker of Amazing Grace Mission, P.O Box 289 Dayton TN 37321,USA see my website When I was two years old, my right leg was denatured due to some medical injection. Now I walk with the support of a crutch. I had a golden priviledge of attending Sunday School regularly in my childhood. It was exciting to me being a Sunday School student because I learned many things about God and the Bible. Indeed it was a good foundation for my Bible knowledge, but in reality, I didn’t receive Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and Lord. I thought I was a saved person because of my good performance.

    As the time passed by, in 1997, I was taught about the plan of Salvation by one of my Pastors and I received Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and Lord through John 3:16; Roman 1:17.

    I finished my B.Sc. in 2003 and Master of Divinity in this year (2006).At present,I am studying discipleship training at Kingdom Faith College in Horsham,West Sussex , England.

    There are about 51 million people living in Myanmar with the country composed of 135 ethic groups speaking 106 languages. There are eight major ethic groups: Burmese (69%), Shan ( 8.5%), Kayin (6.2%), Rakhine (4.5%), Mon (2.4%), Chin (2.2%), Kachin (1.4%), Kayah (0.4%). The main religions in the country are Buddhism (82%), Christianity (9%), Islam (3%), and other (6%).

    The greatest challenge for the Myanmar Christian is to reach the unreached people groups with the gospel throughout the country. It is sad to say that the Buddhists have not been receptive to the gospel; only a handful of them have been converted. Most Christians are minority tribal people groups such as: Chin, Kachin and Kayin people. “….Adoriram Judson once cried out that it was easier to extract a tooth from a tiger’s mouth than to convert a Burmese Buddhist to Christian faith…” We are responsible to reach these major brethren with the good news for their hearts have been remained untouched.

    Realizing the need of the gospel in Myanmar,After finished my studying, I want to start my Ministry in Myanmar.We don’t have any fund for my Ministry because there are no fund for my ministry in Myanmar.

    I therefore need your prayful help in order to continue the mission work to reach the unreached with the gospel through the Power of the Holy Spirit so that His Kingdom will surely be established in Myanmar. His name a lone be praised!

    For Him,


    Suan Khan Thang
    Kingdom Faith College

    Roffey Place

    Old Crawley Road



    West Sussex RH12 4RU


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