Present, and half accounted for at TIMC…

Present, and half accounted for at TIMC…

Internet Ministry Conference

As previously noted, this is my week for presenting at GospelCom’s meetup: “The Internet Ministry Conference.”

I successfully captured audio for today’s presentation: “Relationship Blogging.” So as soon as I can get my audio editor software working, I’ll upload it as an mp3 file, and I will also upload a flash version of the powerpoint file for your enjoyment as well.

I don’t think there was any video of this presentation, so I’ll spare you that!

Stay tuned for details.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving my “Integrity on the Internet” presentation. The presentation has been updated from my earlier 1998 version. Hopefully It’ll go well!

More later. But, meanwhile, for all who were interested in the books I mentioned, see:



6 thoughts on “Present, and half accounted for at TIMC…

  1. Albert

    You mentioned that you are having some issues with the recording.

    In case it is useful, I use a free digitize called Audacity to generate mp3 files. It was also mentioned in one of the IMC sessions. The link is

    If you are using windows, you will also need an MP3 encoder. You can copy the dll lame_enc.dll into your audacity folder for the mp3 export to work.

    Hope this is useful.

    Great session at the IMC yesterday. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rich Post author

    Joe, over at God’s Geeks, documented a portion of my “Relationship Blogging” presentation and that, if nothing else, proves that I was present in Grand Rapids. Or at least, my clone was.

    Thanks for the nod, Joe!

    I’d leave a comment, but his comments form appears to either be broken or turned off. Oh well.


  3. Joe

    No, No It’s there! I had the comments set to require approval. They are open now. It was a great presentation, Rich. Thoughas far a writing goes, I am more of a blog poser, I am defiantly a consumer.
    Its nice to see someone who “Gets it” share with The Body.

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