Kevin Miller’s Top Ten Tips (a roast video)

Kevin Miller’s Top Ten Tips (a roast video)

Laughter is the best medicineBack in May of 2006, while in the employ of Christianity Today International, I was asked to do a little something for my boss, Kevin Miller, a CTI vice president and leader of the Resources division.

Kevin’s a great guy, a good friend, and an excellent manager — a true joy to work with. When his 20th anniversary at CTI came due, we wanted to do something to poke a little fun at him while still honoring him for his 20 years of service.

CTI took a huge risk asking me to put anytng together, knowing my style of humor (many waited with bated breath and crossed fingers, dreading the final result, and eagerly looking forward to the entertaining train-wreck it was sure to be). Who’s great idea was this? I’ll never know. According to my logs, I started working on this around June 5. Fifteen days later, and probably 20-40 hours of editing and fiddling later, this video is what came out of it.

I share it here for those of you know know Kevin and want to relive the memory of my forcing him to do the Chicken Dance through the magic of video editing. For those of you who don’t know Kevin, maybe it will spark an idea or two for the next time you need to roast somebody via manipulated video?

I pulled together countless still photos, audio clips, a couple video clips, and combed through it all to find the best way to make Kevin look good and bad all at the same time. A friend, Jennifer Oxford went to Red Apple and shot some footage of the manager giving Kevin a hard time. I shot some footage of Kevin’s son pretending to be a slacker. And Cory Whitehead and I stole Kevin’s PDA for a few moments to get some footage of “Kevin” frantically checking email on his Palm V. The hand model is, of course, Cory.

For any who are curious, yes, Kevin actually was temporarily mistaken for a terrorist due to a silly attempt at irony when boarding a plane. Let this be a lesson to you: avoid being sarcastic, ironic or flippant in any way about terrorism when Homeland Security is nearby. You can read the lessons Kevin learned here: Eleven Stray Words.”

You can download the Windows Media version of the video here, watch it at YouTube here, or just enjoy it, above.

If you want to host the video on your own site, you can use this code here:

Read Kevin’s Book:

Surviving Information Overload, by Kevin A. MillerSurviving Information Overload: The Clear, Practical Guide to Help You Stay on Top of What You Need to Know

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