links for October 22, 2006 links for October 22, 2006

Rich's Delicious LinksThese are a few of the things I’ve recently found interesting, but don’t have the time to properly blog on. I don’t necessarily like or agree with the links here, I just think they’re interesting. And just in case you do, too, enjoy.

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  • Some excellent NT commentaries available for free. Useful for online Bible study and sermon prep.
  • From the page: “Pentecostals need to seriously engage the sciences as Pentecostals, and need to be involved in the science and religion dialogue … Pentecostal spirituality … can yield unique insights for the broader science and religion dialogue.
  • From the page: “Attendees of Pentecostal or charismatic congregations are more likely than other Christians to read religious-based fiction and magazines as well as listen to Christian radio and music, according to a study by Ellison Research.”
  • This is John Piper’s conference packed with Reformed theology — but there’s some really good stuff here, like Voddie Baucham’s out-of-the-park sermon, Mark Dricoll, DA Carson, Tim Keller, and more. Good stuff here, check it out.
  • Beliefs have consequences: “The way teens behave comes from something. Their attitudes and actions spring from their value system, and their value system is based on what they believe. Glen Schultz puts it this way: “At the foundation of a person’s life, we find his beliefs. These beliefs shape his values, and his values drive his actions.”
  • Valuable critique of the claim that those who claim the embryo is a human are operating only out of theological beliefs. Good read.
  • Adrian Warnock links to Mark Driscoll’s (Pastor of Mars Hill) sermon series on the Spiritual Gifts. The series is interesting and useful, it’s pro-charismatic and not pro-Pentecostal, but still worth listening to. He presents arguments for continuationism.
  • Interesting survey of Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Renewalists. It’s hefty, but the executive summary, at least, is worth the read. I plan to blog it at some point after I’ve read the whole thing.
  • Dr. Earl Creps of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary publishes his first book. Leadership Network has put together a useful promotion for the book here with flash and audio. Book looks interesting, check out the intro here.
  • From the page: “Written last month, this straightforward account of life in Iraq by a Marine officer was initially sent just to a small group of family and friends. His honest but wry narration and unusually frank dissection of the mission contrasts sharply with the story presented by both sides of the Iraq war debate, the Pentagon spin masters and fierce critics. Perhaps inevitably, the ‘Letter from Iraq’ moved quickly beyond the small group of acquantainaces and hit the inboxes of retired generals, officers in the Pentagon, and staffers on Capitol Hill.”
  • From the page: “The Yearbook also records the continuing growth of Pentecostal, historic African American and other non-mainline churches in the U.S. Among the largest 25 churches in the U.S., the fastest growing are the Assemblies of God (increasing 1.81 percent to 2,779,095), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (increasing 1.74 percent to 5,999,177) and the Roman Catholic Church (increasing .83 percent to 67,820,833).”
  • More from the recent Pew survey. From the page: “Researchers found that many Pentecostals and charismatics attend worship services where speaking in tongues and other signs of the Holy Spirit are evident. But in six of the 10 countries surveyed, at least 40 percent of Pentecostals said they never pray or speak in tongues.”
  • From Philipp Lenssen, 10 tips: Use descriptive headlines, use the inverted pyramid, first links get the most clicks, explain core ideas, use readability elements, write simply, credit sources, mark updates and changes, spellcheck, break the rules.
  • Clever interactive timeline giving an excellent (if cluttered) overview of Church history.
  • From Brian Benzinger comes a comprehensive list of 50 websites that will help you write, take notes, and organize your life. Some real gems here, check them out. I used a couple of these plus a timeline tool to create an easy-to-update task-reporting tool.
  • From the page: “Children whose father’s vocabulary was more varied when they were 2 years old had more advanced language skills at age 3. Surprisingly, the dads spoke less and asked fewer questions than the mothers, suggesting it was not how much they spoke but what they said and how they said it that resonated with their children.”

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