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BlogRodent's StuffI’ve been running a new tool on my site for a couple days that hasn’t broken (yet) so I figure it’s time to announce it in case you’re interested. Enter: BlogRodent’s Stuff. You’ll find my list of interesting things on the left (see, there?) and you can click from there, or go to the full page (link above) and see the brief comment I wrote for each item. If you’re silly about it, you can even watch my passing fancies in your favorite newsreader by subscribing. Feed: BlogRodent's Stuff

One of the things I hate about many weblogs is the insanely recursive and self-referential nature of many (if not most) of the posts out there. Blog A points, to blog B, which points to Blog C, which points back to blog A because blog C didn’t know that blog B really had the better post. I try to avoid that sort of thing without adding something worthwhile. Usually, I try to dig up some additional information, make a more comprehensive post, and opine for a bit. (Not being a journalist, I proudly admit to spinning my articles just like they do, only more transparently.)

I usually don’t like mere lists of links pointing to a URL with a simple “Excellent!” or some other pithy comment, because if it wasn’t worth the time to post a full entry about the URL, why are you bothering me? It’s the weblog equivalent of a chatter-box aunt who keeps sending you emails with links to stuff you’re really not interested in.

While I’m on the subject of things I don’t like, I am also usually not interested in diary blogs (or “cat” blogs) unless they are so witty that I am compelled to read. (I wish, for example, that the ex-While You Were Out host, Theresa Strasser, had a weblog. I’d probably subscribe. If I were witty, and Jewish, like Theresa, I’d write something ironic that would make you laugh. I tried, really, but I kept deleting my attempts. So, let’s just pretend I did and move along.)

But now that I’ve been blogging for almost a year, I see the value in simple link lists that point to things of passing and trivial interest. It’s been almost a fortnight since I entered my weblog confessional and posted an entry about something interesting to me. And during that time I’ve run across several tantalizing bits that I thought my visitors and readers here might find of interest. At the very least, I found them interesting enough to read. And since this weblog reflects my interest, why shouldn’t I post my ephemera here?

So, there you have it. My ever-updated eclectic list of esoterica is available for your perusal. I cleared out my previous bookmarks yesterday and I’m starting anew. I don’t promise that you’ll be interested. But if you find something useful, rejoice!

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