Life after Death

Life after Death

“Life after Death?”
A Study of Heaven & Hell

Calvary Assembly of God
Naperville, IL • Room 221

This class will last 7 weeks,
from September 14–through-October 26, 2005

I hope this class will be as thought provoking for you as it has been for me to prepare for. There are few more important—and sometimes disturbing—topics to study than what happens after we die.

I have ordered two DVDs, one of which should arrive shortly, and it would be useful for us to watch together as a class:

The Search for Heaven (60 minutes)

Our lives are filled with joy and sorrow, challenges and change – all linked to growing up and growing old. Is the inevitable conclusion to life’s exciting journey the termination of the human spirit and a plot in the local cemetery? Or is there something beyond this life – a spiritual realm of some kind where the soul resides when we lay this body down? Is there really a place called Heaven? What if there is proof beyond faith that Heaven exists? Do scientific discoveries and cutting edge research actually prove the existence of Heaven? We’ll examine scientific studies, personal testimonies and experiences of those who say they’ve had a Near Death Experience in which they’ve been to Heaven and back!

The Evidence for Heaven (90 minutes)

Is there a spiritual realm where the soul resides after death? Is there really a heaven? These questions are as old as humanity and as new as the latest scientific research. These are just a few of the questions you will be able to answer after examining the scientific studies, personal testimony, and experiences of those who say they have already traveled to Heaven and back through a Near Death Experience. Review the biblical findings. Hear the testimonies. View the evidence. Decide for yourself if Heaven is your final destiny. Join us as we examine The Evidence For Heaven!

Any discussion of Heaven necessarily involves a discussion of Hell, as well, so by beginning with Heaven in either of these videos, we get Hell in the bargain!

However, some will have specific questions that should be addressed, and there may be some useful topics that I can suggest at the outset that might interest you. I ultimately want to cover what you want covered, but here are some things we can discuss in addition to the topics covered in these videos:

What is the nature of Hell? Is it truly eternal? Does it really involve torture, or is that just a metaphor? Can anyone escape Hell through salvation and repentance after getting there?

  • Why would a loving God create Hell and send people there?
  • What will Heaven be like?
  • Will Fido be in Heaven?
  • What happens to marriage in Heaven? What if somebody had more than one spouse in this life because of divorce or death? How does that work?
  • What will we do in Heaven? Won’t it get boring after a while?
  • Is there any proof for Heaven or Hell?

I invite you to join us in a seven-week journey as we explore this exciting and terrifying topic. We will use the Bible as our primary text, so come prepared to focus on at least one major passage in Scripture each night.

Meanwhile, as this class gets underway, I have created a special category in my blog to capture notes, commentary, and sometimes audio from our classes. You can find it here:

   Talking Points

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