Half-Baked Hams

Half-Baked Hams

Tada!So, the other night, I get home, and before I know it, I’m in the middle of a whirling dervish of kids spinning, crawling, leaping, and rolling. AJ’s been on this freerunning/parkour kick ever since we watched “Jump|Britain” on The Learning Channel a few weeks ago. At home he’s leaping from couch to chair to stairs, to carpet, clumsily rolling and flailing all the while. It’s unnerving, but we don’t discourage it much, despite the damage to our furniture. We like active kids. God knows we aren’t active enough ourselves. But in the middle of his demonstration, he stops to pull a magic trick on me. We had the camera out, so we caught it. As usual, our in-home pics aren’t all that impressive, but, hey, we’re proud parents.

Roll, take 2Roll, take 1While AJ is distracting us with legerdemain, Elisabeth quietly follows AJ’s lead with her very first somersault. Wow! I almost didn’t catch it. Jen missed it, so I grabbed the camera and we encouraged a few more rolls. We proudly caught snapshots on digital media for your own childlike vicarious thrills.

Next week: Tae-Kwon-Do classes for Elisabeth. She’ll need ‘em.

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