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Rich Tatum: Hey, celeb. What's up?

Kathi: LOL … I'm still on the floor … in utter shock!

Rich Tatum: No doubt.
Rich Tatum: Did you write back to Mona?

Kathi: yep, sure did!
Kathi: Hey, did you know I'm leaving for Panama in less than 2 weeks? Hope we can work around that, too!!

Rich Tatum: What do you think?
Rich Tatum: Panama? Wow.
Rich Tatum: Yeah, that won't be a problem, I'm sure.
Rich Tatum: She's talking about flying to meet you.
Rich Tatum: They're based here in Chicago.

Kathi: I'm in shock, and delighted … absolutely delighted. God is really using me (I'm in awe of that … really!)

Rich Tatum: Yes, he is.

Kathi: yeah, I know … I wasn't sure how that would work … us getting together!

Rich Tatum: Just don't get a fat head!
Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: goodness, no!

Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: you saw my email, right? Go ahead and give her the background!

Rich Tatum: Okay, I certainly will.
Rich Tatum: What I think I'll do is set up a private area on my website for her that will include all the chat transcripts and a few emails, arranged by date.

Kathi: that's cool …

Rich Tatum: That way she can research it so she'll know what questions to ask.
Rich Tatum: I think I saved most of our chat sessions.
Rich Tatum: Some of them will doubtless be boooring.
Rich Tatum: But, that's life.

Kathi: LOL out of the boring stuff are some real gems …

Rich Tatum: Some things are only interesting to those inside the fishbowl of experience.

Kathi: I'd like to see some of that myself.

Rich Tatum: I'll pass the URL to you.

Kathi: My birthday's coming up … :-) It'll be fun to look back on those days.

Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: Ken's out in the kitchen, explaining to the kids about what the funeral will be like today.

Rich Tatum: That's sad ….
Rich Tatum: Your grandmother-in-law?
Rich Tatum: How well did you know her?

Kathi: they're fascinated by it … Katie was shocked, tho … there were no "mourners" at the wake … in ancient Egypt, the family hired people to wail and cry. For some reason, she expected that.

Rich Tatum: This is your first funeral as a Christian?

Kathi: I didn't know her when she was mean. She was an alzheimers patient and lost her mind before I came along. I knew her as a dear sweet lady who doted on my kids, even if she didn't know who we were exactly … It's sad, but she had declined and was in a lot of pain physically … was having strokes and seizures … hadn't eaten or woke up in two weeks. She knew the Lord and is dancing in Heaven now …
Kathi: yes, it is.
Kathi: the differences in me are shocking.

Rich Tatum: Thank God she knew him. Funerals are much less mournful when you know the family member is with Jesus.

Kathi: :::nods:::

Rich Tatum: Then it can be more of a celebration.

Kathi: I agree … so does Ken. The rest of the family is much less accepting, unfortunately.
That's always bugged me, even more so now. Why are Christians so afraid of death?

Rich Tatum: It's truly depressing, though, to go to a funeral where the deceased was more than likely unregenerate. Of course, you never really know, and there's always hope.
Rich Tatum: Many Christians are afraid of death because they've never truly tasted the life that Christ brings.

Kathi: :::nods::: that's true.

Rich Tatum: I think that if you were fully aware of what Christ saved you from and enjoyed the abundant life, death holds no sting.

Kathi: It sure doesn't for me! :-)
Kathi: Hey, I need to go … have to get my tetanus shot for Panama, then the funeral.

Rich Tatum: But … sadly, many who give mental assent to the Gospel are not necessarily giving their hearts to Jesus, and their faith is not in God as much as it is in … achievement.
Rich Tatum: Oke.

Kathi: this is true … sad, but true.

Rich Tatum: Have a great day. Keep me up-to-date on what happens with Focus Point.

Kathi: I'll talk to you later, k? Let me know if you hear anything from Mona …

Rich Tatum: Sure.
Rich Tatum: Later.

Kathi: Absolutely! :::hugs::::

Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi signed off at 10:42:11 AM.

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