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From: Tatum, Rich [rich]
Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 6:13 PM
To: Sharpe, Kathi (NET)
Cc: Tatum, Rich (HOME)
Subject: Somebody wants your testimony … !

Kathi, can you believe this?

God is using you, girl!

Mona Hennein, who is the senior producer for Primary Focus, wants to interview you about your conversion from Wiccanism. Primary Focus has a website here: — their website is kind of primitive right now, but they've been airing on PAX, TNN, and Odyssey. (They're off PAX for now, but they'll be back on again.) This is a show formatted like 20/20, but based on biblical values.

Mona is a Christian (in fact, she's Egyptian — she was born in Egypt to parents who later went to Africa as missionaries). She is interviewing Wiccans and a Satanist, and she has videotaped a coven meeting (with their permission). I shared with her the circumstances of your conversion and she got very, very excited. She is thrilled about the possibility of talking to you and kept saying, over and over, "This will touch so many lives, you have no idea."

I told her only some of the details surrounding your conversion, because I don't know how you feel about this yet. But I also told her that you have been very up-front about your conversion and that you've told all your friends and family about this in several open letters you've written.

I talked with Mona for about an hour. I was very impressed with her. She seems to be of strong faith, and she's very excited about this program. She and the program seem on the up-and-up. Pray about it. If it seems good to you and the Lord, I'd recommend contacting Mona and showing them the Lord's handiwork in your life! Let me know what happens. If you agree to talk to Mona, can I share with her some of our IM transcripts and emails to give her history?

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