The Sharpe Logs

Kathi: :-) How are you?? I'm on top of the world right at this moment and just HAVE to share how WONDERFUL God is … I've been talking with a satanist for while now … couple months … she just now (like 5 minutes ago!) accepted Jesus as her savior!! ::::happy dance::::

Rich Tatum: :: happy waddle ::
Rich Tatum: Cool beans!
Rich Tatum: I'm very proud for you.

Kathi: T'wasn't me … it's all Him …. and I am SO in awe of Him … again and again.

Rich Tatum: That's true. Very true.
Rich Tatum: Nevertheless, it is the farmer's discipline that allows the crop to be harvested. God provides the miracle, but it is our faithfulness that he employs to raise the crop.

Kathi: BANG! Instant transformation. You should hear her!!

Kathi: Well he certainly employed me in this one, and wouldn't let me give up either! I've been exchanging mail with her for ages … she cursed me for about a month you know … I mean, outright magickally tried to kill me. And so she learned that God is greater … :-)

Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: No kidding.

Kathi: THAT was an experience and a half, let me tell you … but I think God did to me what He did to Israel when Balaam tried to curse them … turned it all into blessings!

Rich Tatum: Very good.
Rich Tatum: Is this someone you've met f2f?

Kathi: Not yet …

Kathi: Don Veinot referred me to this person's friend … is how we came in contact. Said friend is still lost, perhaps more so … but perhaps not for much longer :-)

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