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From: Kathi
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2000 11:26 AM
To: rich
Subject: new email addy
I still have Kathi, but I axed the bellsouth account. So write to me either at Healant or at this name from now on. I'm working, tempting actually, for someone from church so I'm not online much lately.
I had a really, really, really cool first Christmas :) We went to church Christmas eve and our pastor told the whole church about my past (which was not exactly planned, but perfectly OK with me) and what a miracle it was that I was there worshipping with them … it was kind of neat. We had family worship time before presents Christmas morning, too, which we all enjoyed. Ken got me the book I've been wanting and whining for <g>, an apologetics book by Geisler. I'm devouring it. Wish I'd come across good stuff like this years ago. Even though I don't have any doubts or questions of my own left - you and several others have answered them all - I'm always being asked stuff.
Speaking of which, one of my witch-friends, Lynn, contacted me the other day. She apparently didn't know about my conversion because she asked how my Yule was, so I told her why I didn't celebrate it. She's asked me a bunch of questions and has started telling me her reasons for leaving church years ago. Many of them are the same as my own were. However, she feels that since she got saved as a child, she's still going to heaven even though she's completely turned her back on the Lord. Apparently someone at her old church told her that. I know about Calvinism, but that's pretty extreme. So I sent her something I wrote with scriptures that refute the position. I could be wrong, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know whether she'd go to heaven or not - or whether I would have - but I'm betting NOT. So anyways, please, please, pray that the door will stay open, that something I say will sink in, the Holy Spirit will convict her of her sin and need for the Lord.
Hope all's well with you guys! I need to get back to work! :)


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