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Kathi: Any advice for a crazy ex-witch who is going to be evangelizing the neighborhood tonight? :-)

Rich Tatum: What are your plans/
Rich Tatum: ?

Kathi: we're going to give out candy and talk to the kids about Jesus. Give coffee to the parents and talk to them too. Pray with anyone that wants us to.

Rich Tatum: Groovy!
Rich Tatum: Just remember what it was like before you were a Christian.
Rich Tatum: Don't hard sell.

Kathi: I know.
Kathi: It's a bit intimidating, though.

Rich Tatum: how do you mean?

Kathi: terrifying ;-) Fear of rejection and all of that.

Rich Tatum: Ah.
Rich Tatum: You'll be rejected.
Rich Tatum: Just know that being rejected, is in itself, a form of witness.

Kathi: What do you mean?

Rich Tatum: In order to be truly rejected, the person rejecting your or your message must truly consider what it is they're rejecting.
Rich Tatum: Otherwise it's merely reflexive and, as such, it's not truly rejection when it's merely reflex.
Rich Tatum: And, so, at least you know that when you've been rejected, your message has been heard.
Rich Tatum: The best you can offer is an opportunity for people to make a choice for or against Christ.
Rich Tatum: And every rejection is a memory in the sinner's point like a signpost pointing the way back home.

Kathi: OK …

and then there's the fact that the neighbors will think we're crazier than they already do. Not TOO much of an issue for me … that's more Ken's difficulty. They already know I'm a bit weird :D

Rich Tatum: Uh … every rejection is a memory in the sinner's mind like a signpost pointing the way back home.
Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: Well, you can't do much better than loving people.

Kathi: this is true …

Rich Tatum: Just let folks know you're available to talk any time they want to come by.
Rich Tatum: You'll bend a willing ear, share a cup of hot joe, and share your own life-changing testimony if they're willing to hear.
Rich Tatum: It's like winning the lottery …
Rich Tatum: Who wouldn't want to talk about it, and hear the story of how you won a million bucks?
Rich Tatum: The truth is, when people notice the dramatic change in your life, they'll be naturally curious.

Kathi: this is true …

Rich Tatum: And love and compassion are the most dramatic and profound evidences of this kind of change.

Kathi: Ken's home! wave to him …. :-)

Rich Tatum: "Hi Ken!'
Rich Tatum: When people go for treats on Halloween, they don't expect to find love. That's the best trick you can play on 'em!

Kathi: He says "hey" … that's what we southerners say, ya know

Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: hehehe I hadn't thought about that …

Rich Tatum: Howdy.

Kathi: I gotta run … we need to figure out dinner, too … I'll email you tomorrow and let you know how things turned out tonight. Pray for us, k?

Rich Tatum: Instead of waiting behind a closed door, pull out some comfortable chairs, bring thermoses of coffee out to the porch, have a hot plate with hot water and hot chocolate just waiting to refresh weary tricksters.
Rich Tatum: Have a seat by your big bag o candy, and let people know they can relax on your porch if they'd like.
Rich Tatum: Oke.
Rich Tatum: Later.
Rich Tatum: Not a problem.

Kathi: That's already in place. We've got a table and chairs set up … we're lighting up the yard … got bowls of candy … :-)
Kathi: talk to ya tomorrow!

Rich Tatum: L8R!

Kathi signed off at 3:48:16 PM.

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