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From: Kathi Sharpe [mailto:Kathi]
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 8:58 AM
To: rich
Subject: RE: aaaarrrrgggghhhhh

Oh Rich … what an incredible experience … Please feel free to share it, as you have the other things I've told you …

Just me and the dog (Ken insisted I wouldn't be safe otherwise <grinning … what would the dog do??>) I prayed for protection and guidance, pitched my tent, and then started smashing my athame. If I'd ever had any doubts as to the evils of "innocent Wicca" they very quickly disappeared. That knife made sparks. And twisted in some very strange ways. Then I decided I'd smash the ring, too. Now, this is a sterling silver and amethyst class ring. I smashed it between two heavy rocks, yes, but not particularly HARD, you know? It broke into pieces. Never seen anything like it, hope to never again!

I took all of that and buried it all at the bottom of the lake. Fortunately, no hand reached up from the water for the knife … at that point I was ready for it … Then I went back and built up a good fire and started burning books.

It didn't surprise me when the first book cover burned in colors … purple and orange … because book covers are coated with "stuff". But the pages themselves burned in colors too. And sparks. And whole pages lifted up out of the fire and tried to leave it. I had to put out a bunch of small leaf fires from around my fire pit. And they made noises too. My poor neighbors in the campground actually came in during the middle of the burning. I don't know if they could hear what I was hearing, but I'm sure they saw the fire doing what IT was doing, and a crazy woman walking around it with a big stick, muttering and sometimes shouting about God … <grin>

When I was finally done (It took me several hours, as I'm sure you can imagine) I just knelt there in the dirt and praised God. After a while I got cold so I went in the tent and got in the sleeping bag and kept on praising Him for hours. It was incredible. I got a couple of hours of sleep, but the dog got me up at dawn. I was actually singing out there in the woods brewing coffee.

Ken and the kids (and many people at church) say that I LOOK completely different now. This is twice that my features and the way I move have changed since my conversion. Weird or what? I can't say that I look any different … if we'd taken a mold of my face before and after, it would still fit I'm sure … I guess it's just Jesus shining through. :)

Got to run and do some work … IM me when you get online, if you've got time! Hey, how's the baby? I've been all worried … you'd said there was an absence of kicks for a while …. what's up?


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