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Kathi: :::pounce:::: Hi Rich!

Rich Tatum: Hey!
Rich Tatum: What's up
Rich Tatum: ?
Rich Tatum: Wondering how you're doing …

Kathi: Nothing and everything … been away from computer for a week trying to help my in laws keep Ken's sister from going crazy. We failed :-( Bad situation there. But on a positive note, I may go back to work soon, Ken and I were baptized Sunday night, and everything else is pretty wonderful!
Kathi: How are you??

Rich Tatum: Wow! Congratulations on the baptism!
Rich Tatum: Are you not at work any longer?
Rich Tatum: And did Ken manage to not get laid off?

Kathi: Thanks!

Not at present, I'm at home right now. I'm "volunteering" to do a few essential functions, until they have cash to pay me.

So far … although it's not looking good at all :-(

Rich Tatum: Have you checked out online techie job sites?

Kathi: I've looked at some, but haven't had time to do much because of Angie (Ken's sister) She has bipolar, refuses treatment, decided on a whim to give her house back to the mortgage co. and move to Greensboro. THEN she proceeded to tear up my mother-in-law's house and scare them all half to death before we could get over there to help.
Kathi: If it rains, it pours.

Rich Tatum: Yow.
Rich Tatum: Must be pouring frogs.

Kathi: Yah …. big bullfrogs. I just seem to move from one crisis to the next. If I didn't have Jesus, I think I would have jumped off a building by now … but I really am pretty peaceful in spite of this, and am really feeling powerful in the fact that I can pray, and that DOES make a difference.

Rich Tatum: Yes, it does

Kathi: So how are things with you??

Rich Tatum: Been real busy with the site launch.
Rich Tatum: Am still searching-and-replacing my buns off.

Kathi: ack that's no fun!

Rich Tatum: But yesterday we took a break, went to another town, and played laser tag for an hour.
Rich Tatum: What a blast!

Kathi: Sounds awesome!

Rich Tatum: It was fun.
Rich Tatum: We're all sore today.
Rich Tatum: It was our "reward" for hard work done well.

Kathi: Healant does nerf-rocket fights sometimes … I told you the boss is crazy, right? ;>

Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: BTW: I mentioned your needs in prayer at Devos Thursday.

Kathi: Thank you … I greatly appreciate that.

Rich Tatum: You're welcome!
Rich Tatum: You still going by the same email addresses now?

Kathi: Yep … I'll keep Kathi indefinitely … as long as the company is open … they won't find anyone to replace me doing Lyris so even if I get another job I'll always contract for them (the boss is a friend, what can I say? LOL) But the Kathi will be the same.

Rich Tatum: That's good.

Kathi: You know, one big problem with being laid off is there's no excuse not to do the housework. I guess I better go get to it <sigh>

Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: That's what I hated about working at home, too.
Rich Tatum: "Honeydews."
Rich Tatum: "Since you're home all day, honey, would you do this for me?"
Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: If I was doing enough "work" to justify leaving the work for later/someone else, I'd be happy. But I'm really only working an hour here, an hour there. So my day's full of honeydews and mommydews.

Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: Thanks for catching up. I gotta fetch lunch now …

Kathi: Oh well …

I'll talk to you later. I'm still going to send you my resume, maybe by tomorrow.

Kathi: {{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}

Have a good one!

Kathi signed off at 1:12:01 PM.

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