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Kathi: g'morning!

Rich Tatum: Hey!
Rich Tatum: Meeting..

Kathi: k

Rich Tatum: Oke.
Rich Tatum: I survived that one relatively well. I made a big mistake on the website Friday. Fortunately I was able to correct it in less than 5 minutes this morning. The general state of panic I walked into this morning has (hopefully) subsided.
Rich Tatum: :: sigh ::

Kathi: <whew>

I had that happen last week …

Kathi: Mistakes happen. Kinda like compost :D

Rich Tatum: Oy.

Kathi: Good news! I'm getting baptized in 2 weeks! :-)

Rich Tatum: Whipeeee!
Rich Tatum: Good for you!
Rich Tatum: You talked to your pastor about it?

Kathi: I'm very excited.
Kathi: I'm going to call, shortly … he likes to talk to folks first … but he told me last time I talked to him that he expected me to :-)

Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: Pastors! Want you to think everything is their idea!
Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: He just got back from Russia day before yesterday … what a missions trip that was! I wish I could have gone. My poor husband hasn't stopped talking about it <g> he's going next year.
Kathi: ROFL

Rich Tatum: Yikes, I've got 14,510 unread messages in my inbox.

Kathi: Can I ask you for an opinion on something?
Kathi: Gak! Maybe I'll wait :D

Rich Tatum: Looks like the AOG listserv blew up over the weekend!
Rich Tatum: Gourd ahead and axe ….

Kathi: <grinz>

OK, here goes. I have in my possession about 50 books on Witchcraft, a couple dozen dungeons and dragons books, and boxes and boxes of "stuff" including my ritual tools. What would you suggest I DO with it all? It's currently all sitting in boxes in my storage building because I can't figure out what I should do with it.

Rich Tatum: Sell it on Ebay.
Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: Monetarily speaking, there's several thousand dollars worth of stuff, easily … which I could use right now. But I can't contribute to someone else's sin.
Kathi: :::smack::: you're not serious :-)

Rich Tatum: Here's what you do …

Kathi: I might burn it all except there's some things that won't burn … I can't throw it away in the dump …

Rich Tatum: ask around, and see if your pastor can help, and find somebody who's into apologetics and/or providing Christian resources to help with people out of your background (counselors, exit counselors, apologetics centers, anti-cult researchers, Christian colleges, etc.).
Rich Tatum: Make a donation.
Rich Tatum: But make sure the person/people you're donating to are aware of what kind of material they're getting.

Kathi: I'd had that thought, but I didn't know if people could actually USE it all.

I'd also thought about keeping it all, so that I have information at hand still, when I talk to Pagans.

Rich Tatum: There are some Christian colleges that might want to put some of this kind of material on reserve for some research papers, but not necessarily out on the shelves where anyone could get them.

Kathi: I tell you what though … going to Borders was a challenge the other night. My ex-favorite author has a new book, plus, it being nearly halloween, there's about a dozen other books published on the subject.

Rich Tatum: Post your question to the AOG listserv and the AOGDialog listserv.
Rich Tatum: How was it a challenge?

Kathi: :::nodding::: OK, I will … after I talk to my pastor, make sure no one local could use it, first.
Kathi: Habit, I guess … just like reading the horoscope in the daily paper.

Rich Tatum: Ah.
Rich Tatum: Yeah, I can imagine.

Kathi: It would be SOOOOOOOOO easy to fall from here. All it would take is one little tiny step.
Kathi: I have to be kind of like the alcoholic, and not go to a bar to order soda, I guess.

Rich Tatum: Of course, Borders is not as discriminating a bookstore as some I've been into. Borders and Hastings seem to leave more porn laying around for me to find, as well, so I tend to avoid them unless I'm desperate to feed my pulp fiction jones and I can't find a B&N
Rich Tatum:.

Kathi: Besides … trusting God is great, and wonderful, and I don't want to do anything else … but it sure was nice to have the feeling of security that divination brings. Even if it was a false security and not entirely reliable. It gave an element of control. Scary, huh?

A lot of Christians have boycotted this Borders because they allow a Pagan study group to meet there.

Rich Tatum: Yikes.

Kathi: My stepdaughter and I actually had a big disagreement over it … she thinks that the youth band from church should not play there. I say that the fact that the place is full of the lost means that they should be begging to get into the door. Pagans LOVE music … it's the perfect way to get them into a receptive mode.

Rich Tatum: Pagans didn't stop Paul from playing his music at Mars Hill.
Rich Tatum: Well … he didn't actually play music, but he took his message there.

Kathi: :::nodding:::

You have to reach out to people where they are, in a manner that they may listen.

Rich Tatum: True.
Rich Tatum: Re: your objets de arcana , I'd gather them together, in boxes where possible, and make an inventory so that anyone who's interested in taking the material off your hands won't actually have to go through the stuff.

Kathi: I have a huge concern that kids in our church don't know about the occult and witchcraft … or rather, what they think they know. Brandi was telling me the other day (she doesn't know about my past) that witches were like a gang, they go around doing drugs and beating people up. What happens when she discovers that this isn't true?

Rich Tatum: The sooner you get it boxed up and ready to crate out of your house the better off you are.

Kathi: phone

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