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Rich Tatum: You might find some useful history and context here:

Tongues, The Bible Evidence

(Plus, I did the article layout for this issue, so I'm proud of the graphics!)

Kathi: sorry … I was getting yelled at by the boss <g> I didn't do something that he told me not to do. How about that?
Kathi: Cool! Let me see!

Rich Tatum: And, also see these four important articles:

Filled with the Spirit … Part 1:
Hermeneutics, Old Testament Promises, and Alternate Terminology

Filled with the Spirit … Part 2:
Subsequence in Relation to the Baptism in the Spirit

Filled with the Spirit … Part 3:
Is glossolallia a necessary component of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Filled with the Spirit … Part 4:
Indications and Reception of Spirit Baptism/Inclusive meaning of "Filled with/Full of the Spirit

Rich Tatum: James K. Bridges, the General Treasurer of the Assemblies of God, wrote this article, which takes a very "immediate" view of tongues:

The Full Consummation of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Kathi: thank you!!

Rich Tatum: It's a typhoon outside now.
Rich Tatum: Raining rats and hogs.

Kathi: really? it's sunny here … we'll probably get it, in a day or two
Kathi: things are insane here … boss needs a smack.

Rich Tatum: Slip him a mickey in his coffee, then duct tape him to his chair, then suspend the chair off a beam from a third floor (or higher) window.
Rich Tatum: That'll set his priorities straight.
Rich Tatum: (Be sure to give him a fresh set of Depends, first.)

Kathi: He'd probably like it.

Rich Tatum: Did I mention you should velcro a cat to his chest first? Make sure all 10 claws are present ….
Rich Tatum: And the cat definitely doesn't get the mickey.

Kathi: <grin> I have the perfect cat for that, too …

Rich Tatum: :-)

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