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From: Kathi
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 10:14 AM
To: rich
Subject: Bobby …

--[ chat transcript - 9/8/00 10:35AM ]--
Kathi: Isn't it awesome!!

Rich: Yes, it its! I'd say, "Congratulations," but it was all God!

Kathi: yes, it sure was. You know, I was praying all week for the return price to be exactly what I had paid up to that point … which was the 10%.

Rich: Awesome. It's almost like a tithe!

Kathi: I hadn't thought of it that way … I have other good news too … my son accepted the Lord last night. After weeks of fighting over it (gee, my kids are just like me aren't they?)

Rich: No kidding!!!? How'd this come about?

Kathi: Well … Bobby has steadfastly clung to his pagan beliefs … in spite of reason, pleading, and prayer. We've had serious problems with him, ever since my conversion. Last week he was screaming at me in the church parking lot about how I should have aborted him when I had the chance (oh, that one stung … remember, I was raped … that's how I got pregnant!) Last night he got mad over something trivial and started screaming that he was going to kill himself. He's only 11.

Rich: :: meeting ::

Kathi: I'll mail you … k?

Rich: Oke. :: still in meeting ::

Kathi: Sounds like this place. I emailed you :-) IM me when you're done, if you have time. I'm between fires, presently <grin>
--[ end chat transcript ]--

Continuing …

So I picked him up, bodily carried him out of the house, and we went for a walk. I told him that his indecision was leaving him open for Satan to create havoc in his mind, and that he was going to have to figure out what he wanted to do, and do it "right now" because I wasn't going to have a kid who I love acting like this.

So he had 1,001 questions (we were gone two hours in the middle of the night … my husband was terrified.) I answered all his questions … many of them were the same ones I'd had, plus he needed some assurance from me that I'd never go back to being Pagan. That kind of suprised me … why didn't I think of talking to him about that before?

So anyway … he probably would have kept asking me things all night. I finally put my foot down and told him he needed to make a decision … I really sensed that if I didn't say it that way, he'd continue to seesaw … and without hesitation, he chose Jesus.

Then he told me that he'd learned to pray at Royal Rangers the night before, so he was going to pray before he went to bed for the night (and I checked this morning, he did!) And this morning … he's very different. I tell you, Rich … if I wasn't already a Christian, I'd be a bit frightened by it. The change is obvious.

<sigh> I have to run … I swear, it's like Murphy's law has broken forth on work today … I have 100 fires to put out. IM me when you get back from your meeting, if I'm online … by then I'll be ready for a break! LOL


:) Kathi

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