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From: Kathi
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 7:16 AM
To: rich
Subject: GREAT news!!!!!

:::happy dancing around praising God:::

Rich, I got wonderful news last night … had to write first thing and tell you … feel free to share this with people you've talked with about my situation!

I went last night to negotiate the return of the hearing aids that I no longer need. The manufacturer didn't really want to take them back, even with the dealer's intervention. They insisted that I have a hearing test first, and they'd want a sizeable restocking fee (more than I could afford to pay).

Well, I showed up for the hearing test, which turned out to be "just below" normal … but since there was background noise during the test, the results are slightly skewed. I'm sure in a soundproof room the results would be better. Even with the results skewed, my WORST score was a 30 in a very low-frequency tone (before that tone was practically inaudible without a loudspeaker). So I have gone from a 70% hearing loss to completely normal (and now it's on paper <grin!>)

Then the dealer told me that she'd called the manufacturer back before my visit and was able to negotiate a far smaller restocking fee. I had already paid a 10% down payment on the hearing aids, and they agreed to keep that, I'd return the hearing aids, and we'd call it even. (I nearly fell out of my chair!) Talk about getting what you pray for … this is exactly what I'd been asking God for all week!

I just had to share my happy news this morning!


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