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Kathi: Remember I mentioned my friend who took me to lunch? His first words to me upon my arrival this morning were "So how do you know for sure which deity gave you your hearing back?" (yep, I share an office with a Pagan) And from there he wanted to know how I could believe in a bible (or anything) written by anyone I didn't know or anything I hadn't experienced. It was a very interesting conversation. LOL
Kathi: That is so amazing :-)

Rich Tatum: What is?

Kathi: the letter you just sent me.

Rich Tatum: Ah … yes!
Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: BTW, how did lunch go?

Kathi: It … went … <grin>
Kathi: My friend is determined, absolutely, positively, to question every aspect of my beliefs, so that he can convince himself, and me, that my conversion is not genuine, and that it could have been any deity that healed me.

Rich Tatum: Well, don't his arguments apply to his own belief-system?

Kathi: Of course. I think he's a closet agnostic (is that the right word? He believes in something but really refuses to give it a name or structure)

Rich Tatum: If you were genuinely healed — whether by just "any" diety or by God — then wouldn't the best authority be the identity that deity claims?
Rich Tatum: A deity speaks to you, asks for your obedience, heals you when you comply … et voila! That which is most probable probably is!

Kathi: LOL that's what I told him.
Kathi: PLUS, I had asked for healing from others, most notably Sekhmet, and gotten nada.

Rich Tatum: Birthday party for my boss …

Kathi: Tell him happy birthday from me!

Rich Tatum: I will!

Kathi signed off at 2:47:12 PM.
Kathi signed on at 2:51:48 PM.
Kathi signed off at 3:09:30 PM.

Rich Tatum: Sekhmet would be an Egyption god?

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