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Kathi: you're there EARLY … or did you ever leave? Everything ok?

Kathi signed off at 7:16:30 AM.
Kathi signed on at 7:17:45 AM.

Rich Tatum: Sorry, I didn't see your IM.
Rich Tatum: I forgot to log off last night when I went home.

Kathi: that's ok.. I figured when you didn't reply, that was probably the case … I"ve done it before too

Rich Tatum: The shame of having access to a T1.

Kathi: LOL
Kathi: I just got bad news … my grandfather's taken a turn for the worse :-(

Rich Tatum: What was his situation?

Kathi: He's got prostate cancer … but has been in a nursing home and doing well for a long time. The last two weeks he's really gone downhill rapidly … and now he's developed a respiratory infection and he's in a lot of pain.

Rich Tatum: Wow. That hurts.
Rich Tatum: How old is he?

Kathi: He's 80-something.

Rich Tatum: Hmm.
Rich Tatum: That's a hard age to get ill.

Kathi: Is there any age? :-)

Rich Tatum: Yeah. You're probably right.

Kathi: I hate that he has nothing in life now … Grandma died years ago, and he remarried …. been married to the woman for 20 years … after he got sick, and she couldn't take care of herself anymore, she moved back up north and left him … he's all alone down in Florida, and in pain, and I feel very helpless.

Rich Tatum: I'm thankful for my good health, but I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drip.
Rich Tatum: Er … drop.
Rich Tatum: Awww, man. That hurts.
Rich Tatum: I'll pray for him. I'll say a quick prayer now, and when I think about him, I'll remember to pray then, too.

Kathi: there's no one there with him but the hospice people. My dad won't go, my aunt and uncle couldnt' care less, and I can't due to money problems.

Thanks, Rich … both for praying, and reminding me that I need to.

Rich Tatum: Dear Father, please touch Kathi's grandfather with your healing hand. We know, by faith, that you can heal him and restore him. Please remove this sickness from his body and allow him the peace and pleasure of living out his days in health, as you intended for man.
Rich Tatum: Make your power known to him in this time, and reveal yourslef to him. We ask that you not only extend your grace to Kathi's grandffather but that you make your grace evident to all who know him. We know you have the power to do this, and we ask it in the name of Jesus Christ, your son, who died for our sins and bore the price of our sin, bringing healing to all who would call on your name.
Rich Tatum: Comfort Kathi and her family through this difficult time. And if, in your Wisdom, you withold your healing hand at this time, we ask and pray that you grant peace to Kathi and her family, and comfort to her grandfather so that their spirits and minds are not troubled.
Rich Tatum: Most importantly, we ask that you make yourself known to Kathi's grandad so that he can see you and live these days in love with you and worshiping you.
Rich Tatum: Amen.

Kathi: Amen. Thank you, Rich.

Rich Tatum: My pleaure!
Rich Tatum: :-)

Kathi: I'm about to get dragged out the door and forced to eat lunch by my caring co-worker … I'll be back in a little while. Remind me later on, to tell you about him (he reminds me of me, a few weeks ago … LOL … he's trying to reason me out of my conversion.)

Kathi signed off at 11:02:10 AM.

Rich Tatum: Oke.

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