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Kathi(*): Hi Rich! How're you doing?
Is the author of Salad-Bar Christianity in today's issue someone you work with? Wonderful article.

Rich Tatum: Hey!
Rich Tatum: Lemme see …

Healant Kathi: Charles Colson

Rich Tatum: Ah, Chuck Colson …
Rich Tatum: No, I don't work with him.
Rich Tatum: He lives in Washington DC, I believe.
Rich Tatum: He is also one of our contributing editors.
Rich Tatum: He's certainly a good writer.

Healant Kathi: :::nodding::: yes, he is. The article is mostly addressed to mature Christians, but some of those points really hit home for me: what of my Pagan past do I still think is truth, out of habit?

Rich Tatum: Good question.
Rich Tatum: It'll take a lifetime to let your mind be transformed by the Word of God.
Rich Tatum: Paul (Remember Saul?) gives us that instruction in Romans 12.
Rich Tatum: Goes something like "Do not let your minds be conformed to this word, but be transformed by the renewing of mind … "
Rich Tatum: A passage well worth reading.

Healant Kathi: I go back and forth on that issue … I mean, I know I will be learning for the rest of my life … but I have experienced a complete turnaround in many of my beliefs, it just … happened.
Healant Kathi: Some of my friends think I'm crazy or something. It's rather discouraging.

Rich Tatum: Yes!
Rich Tatum: This is why Christ called it being "born again."
Rich Tatum: And why most people call it a "conversion."

Healant Kathi: I suppose if I step out of myself for a moment, and take a look: here's a woman who's been on a steady path most of her adult life, who suddenly dreams of Christ, experiences miracles, and totally changes her outlook and attitude overnight: yep, that's pretty crazy.
Healant Kathi: Yes … born again … now I know what that really means.

Rich Tatum: Yup, by many people's standards of sanity.
Rich Tatum: :-)
Rich Tatum: But then, in a world were being "bad" is "good" being truly God's is "weird."

Healant Kathi: How do you counter that? If I step back into myself and where I'm at right now, being the recipient of all this wonder … I can't believe that the people around me are not falling to their knees too.
Healant Kathi: You've got a point, there!

Rich Tatum: Youi'
Rich Tatum: You'll probably also wonder why "older" Christians aren't less apathetic, from time to time.
Rich Tatum: We all become blinded to God's grace.
Rich Tatum: God has revealed himself in nature, and the natural man ignores it, or doesn't have the eyes to see.

Healant Kathi: God forbid that I ever experience apathy!
Healant Kathi: I have yet to tell my closest friends … who are all Pagan … I don't quite know how to.

Rich Tatum: And sometimes even Christians grow comfortable in God's grace and forget was a fantastic relationship they are neglecting.

Healant Kathi: The one Pagan friend that I told is one of the ones who thinks I've lost it. <sigh>

Rich Tatum: The most important thing is not to worry about what to say to them. I suggest that every time you begin to worry about what to say, just stop and say a mental prayer for God's wisdom.
Rich Tatum: (phone call)

Healant Kathi: Easily said. :-)
Healant Kathi: ok …

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