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Rich: Thanks for your email, Kathi!

Kathi: Hi Rich!

Rich: I showed it to a coworker and she thought I ought to let my office in on it. It's a good praise story!

--[ technical discussion deleted ]--

Rich: You wrote: « … less than a week before you wrote this, I found the Lord. »

Kathi: Yes ….

Rich: What happened?
Rich: Can you tell?

Kathi: I have been a Pagan for years … following an ancient Egyptian tradition … I started having dreams of Jesus.

Rich: Wow.
Rich: What did these dreams lead you to do? Investigate Christianity, or what?

Kathi: In the past 3 months, I've lost most of my hearing … nearly deaf.

Rich: (Sorry.)

Kathi: In the second dream, He spoke to me in sign language … which I don't know yet. It was very strange … I used a sign language dictionary to look it up … part of the message was "Follow Me".

Rich: Wow, that's sending chills down my arms!

Kathi: I attended the church my stepdaughter goes to … Assembly of God … the next day … morning and evening services ….
Kathi: both sermons were preached right at me, too ….

Rich: (This is too cool … I used to be the webmaster for the Assemblies of God (national headquarters). My wife and I both attend an A/G church.)

Kathi: and even though I don't really understand it all … and it's rather scary … after all, I'm truly abandoning the faith I've had for yeras … abandoning the gods who have helped me through so much … I have such a feeling of peace, and of "rightness" in following Jesus …. it's a leap of faith, I tell you.
Kathi: Cool!

Rich: This is truly amazing.,
Rich: If you don't mind, I'd like to mention you in tomorrow's devotions and ask my coworkers to pray for you as God reminds them too.

Kathi: The other amazing piece is that my husband, who has not stepped foot in a church since childhood, has also been feeling the same call.

Rich: Truly amazing. God does truly work in mysterious ways.

Kathi: Oh absolutely … I need prayer right now … I feel very fragile … like an egg ….

Rich: I can imagine.
Rich: What part of the country are you in?

Kathi: Greensboro, NC

Rich: North Carolina …. Let's see.
Rich: I have some friends that moved to South Carolina, I believe.
Rich: Too far away …
Rich: By the way, anytime you need prayer, you can call the Assemblies of God's national prayer line: 1-800-4-prayer.
Rich: See:
Rich: You can also fill out an online request form.

Kathi: where are you?

Rich: In Carol Stream, IL, where Christianity Today International is located.
Rich: A suburb of Chicago.

Kathi: :::nodding::: I remember seeing that on the web page, I think.

Rich: There's an A/G discussion listserv you might be interested in joining if you want to ask questions. There are a few pastors on it and several talkative A/G adherents. Sometimes they argue, but it can be informative.
Rich: I can tell you how to subscribe if you're ever intersted.

Kathi: I need to go to lunch, before my co-worker strangles me … since he's paying, I suppose I shouldn't complain. :-) Can you send me details on that list? I'd love to subscribe.

Rich: The key for you, at this point, is to build strong local friendships with people who can mentor you and disciple you into the faith.

Kathi: I have tons of questions. :-)

Rich: No problem!
Rich: And feel free to shoot me any questions you have. I'm always happy to help!
Rich: Have a great lunch!

Kathi: thanks for everything, Rich! I'll be back online in about an hour, if you want to talk more … and have time.
Kathi: *

Rich: :-)

Kathi signed off at 11:27:28 AM.

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