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Tom Hanks Encourages Fellow Actor
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Frank Darabont, director of The Green Mile, reflects on Tom Hanks' selfless commitment to helping rising actor Michael Duncan achieve his best:

Fifteen, twenty years from now, what will I remember [about filming The Green Mile]? There was one thing—and I'll never forget this: When [Tom] Hanks was playing a scene with Michael Duncan….

As we're shooting, [the camera] is on Michael first, and I'm realizing that I'm getting distracted by Hanks. Hanks is delivering an Academy Award-winning performance, off-camera, for Michael Duncan—to give him every possible thing he needs or can use to deliver the best possible performance.

"He wanted Michael to do so well. He wanted him to look so good. I'll never forget that."

In 1999, Michael Clarke Duncan was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actor in a Supporting Role category. Tom Hanks, however, was not nominated.

Citation: Excerpted from the behind-the-scenes documentary, "Walking the Mile" (Warner Home Video, 1999); submitted by Rich Tatum, Wheaton, Illinois