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Path to God?
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Near Oakland, California, hikers and campers have found their imaginations piqued at the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. Recently a series of mysterious mazes have been discovered in the bottom of sheltered canyons.

The mazes are simply made. Composed of nothing more than lines of raised earth set with small rocks, they range from 50 feet to about 100 feet across. Three of the mazes are round, one is heart-shaped, and another is a collection of small designs. The lines of soil create a single pathway looping toward the center that is often unnoticeable from ground level.

Nobody knows who made them. And, not surprisingly, the mazes have now become popular draw for people wanting a religious experience. Hikers now wander the mazes seeking serenity and often leave trinkets and momentos at makeshift shrines at the heart of the earthen mazes. Among the items reported left behind: letters, coins, trinkets, handwritten messages, an incense stick, a Teletubby toy, and a tarot card. One hiker said, "One time I could swear that someone had left some cremated remains."

This is one kind of path the world offers to spirituality. Jesus Christ offers a far different—and completely reliable—path to God.

Citation: Rich Tatum, Carol Stream, Illinois; source: Kevin Fagan, "Spooky and Spiritual: No One Knows Who Carved Mysterious Mazes in East Bay Park," San Francisco Chronicle (11-6-99)