Yes! This is the one, the only, the original "Ad hoc IPTools Page." There are many imitators out there (and for all you "hackers" who have stolen my HTML code without my permission—pox on you!), but none are as up-to-date and useful as this very page right here.

     Please notify Rich Tatum if these links break or if you discover a tool which ought to be included here. From time to time one or more of these tools will be unavailable due to various reasons: network traffic, server downtime, loss of support for the tools listed, or the random vagaries of the Web. For that reason, many of these tools are redundant—if one tool doesn't work, try using another. Please let me know and I'll put the changes on my list of things to do. (I'm not the creator of any of these tools—I'm not that bright!)

     These tools are unsupported. Contact the tool's source if you have problems with a specific tool. But do feel free to let me know when a form needs updating.

     Last updated: 06/13/2003 08:42AM
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Domain Dossier
Source: Hexillion DomainDossier
DNS records
domain whois network whois
service scan traceroute
URL Breakdown
Source: Web Performance Monitoring
Network Tools
Source: BlackCode
Resolve/Reverse Lookup
ARIN Whois
Check port:
Ping host
Traceroute (visual)
Do it all
Elephant's Toolbox Lookup Tools
Both Whois and Arin
Mail server(s)
Whois Information
Arin Lookup
Finger all users
Check rbl, dul, rss, orbs, and
Netbios (This takes time)

Various Whois lookups
(Full Domain Transfer)
(Domains owned by)
(Domains hosted on)
(Domains containing)
(Domains owned by NIC)


Source: Name.Space
Nonprofit corporate information
Source: Guidestar (Wildcards, boolean search, phrases and more supported. See: tips.)
or ZIP:
NetCraft Domain Reporter
Source: NetCraft (tips)
Query type:

Example: site contains .microsoft. "multi-tool"

Source: Network Tools
(This tool has been removed due to it's extremly high "maintenance" level. Please visit the site directly to use this excellent tool including dns lookup, reverse lookup ping, trace, wwwhois, dig, http headers, network lookup and more.)
AnalogX DNSDig
some DNS servers…
Source: AnalogX
DNS Server:
Domain name:
Query Type:
Source: Hexillion NSLookup
Query type:
Query class:
Port Timeout (ms)
no recursion advanced output
NSLookup and Reverse Lookup
Source: InfoBear's Lair
Name server:
Dig It! (was: Multi DNS Tool)
Source: MenAndMice
Domain name:
Name Server:
Query Type:
Name Server Lookup
Source: CERN (European Lab. for Part. Physics)
Query type:
SMTP Email Address Validation
Source: Hexillion EmailDossier
(See also: Address Tools.)
SMTP Relay Check
Mail server:
Check for ORBS/Blackhole blocking
Source: Sam Spade
Mail server:
Resolve reverse DNS
Check AOL Open Relay Database
Source: America Online
Mail server IP:
ARIN Whois
(IP Registry)
Source: American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
See also: RIPE NCC: Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa
See also: APNIC: Asia Pacific
IP-Range DNS Query
From: Realtime Anywhere
start from IP address: ...
start from DNS name:
start from your host

+- step ...

Demon.Net Tool Array
Source: Demon.Net Internet Query Tools
Authoritatively Check if a Domain Exists

Domain name
Examine the DNS Data on a Particular Domain

Domain name
Show DNS Data on an Individual Host

Netname/Network Address
MX Lookup
IP Lookup
Test Email
Source: Left Coast Systems

Tracemap and Visual Trace Route
Source: Matrix Info. Directory Svs. (wait for page to finish refreshing)

Or paste the text of a UNIX-style traceroute below.
Also try: Visual Trace Route from Visualware) (mirrors)
Bandwidth Test
Miscellaneous Tools
Other Sites with Tools