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Real Solutions for Overcoming Internet Addictions:
I just discovered this book by Stephen O. Watters, who holds a very similar position to my own with Focus On the Family. Watters has been online some time now and has kept himself ahead of the curve with reagard to Internet abuse and addiction. This is the single most helpful and practical book on the subject that I've seen to day. It's short on theory but long on practical aspects. And it's impressively footnoted, which is very important to me. Watters says nothing without authoritatively backing it up. If you or someone you love is caught up in any form of online addiction (gambling, auctions, gaming, porn, cybersex, etc.), then buy this book, and get them a copy. It will help you a great deal.

Be sure to visit the website Watters helped start designed specifically for these issues:
Internet Infidelity…:
On August 30, 2001, I was a guest host on Lu's View, a morning show airing on KBTU (Monterey, CA), hosted by Dr. Maimes & Lu Valentino. I was a guest along with a friend from Missouri who lost her husband to an Internet-nurtured affair after more than 30 years of marriage. Unfortunately, they don't tape the show and there's no online archive. Dr. Bruce Maimes and Lu Valentino were perfect hosts—they were very gracious and seemed genuinely concerned for thier audience the callers.
Integrity on the Internet Presentation:
September 8, 1998 presentation at the Technologies for Worship Magazine's Inspiration '98 conference in Dallas, Texas. Presented by Richard Tatum, this is the full text of the presentation.
Integrity on the Internet I:
May 27, 1997 full transcript of radio interview by Dick Tennesen with Rich Tatum.
Integrity on the Internet II:
June 05, 1997 full transcript of radio interview by Dick Tennesen with Rich Tatum.
Ministering to the Victims of Cyberporn:
January 1998 complete online interview with Dr. Doug Weiss by Rev. Gene Roncone
Family-Based Filtered Internet Service Providers:
Useful list of "porn-safe" Internet Service Providers from
Integrity: Why we need a transfusion (or try local copy):
An interview conducted by The Lutheran with Stephen L. Carter, author of Integrity.
Words from the Well: SOS... Saints on the Superhighway!
An excerpt from an daily web devotional by Peggie C. Bohanon, creator of PeggiesPlace.

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