How to get arrested at Central Bible College. Plus: The Unremarked Transgendered Issue

I was surprised to read of a recent arrest at Central Bible College when some folks arranged a non-violent protest and an attempt to “dialog” with allegedly “homophobic” school officials over Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered issues recently: Central Bible College: Our First Act of Civil Disobedience (via Soulforce) The blogger,…

Apostasy: Rejecting Ideas

In some cultures and eras, apostates face certain death. In America, it’s the church that’s dying from apostasy.

Apostate – it’s not exactly a common word. But for those doomed to hear its rare pronouncement, it can mean imminent death or serious eternal consequences.

Like repentance , apostasy implies a rejection or abandonment of a practice, ideal, or belief. And one religion’s penitent is another one’s apostate

Yet more PneumaBloggedy Goodness: PneumaWidget, Power Reader and More!

In a mad dash of creative craziness, a few more things have popped up on the PneumaBlogs tool-set. So, for your blog-reading enjoyment, here’s a quick summary of everything not covered in my previous post (“PneumaBlogs, PneumaSphere, PneumaSearch“). FireFox Search Plug-in First off, fellow PneumaBlogger Christoph Fischer (“my cup of…

Internet Evangelism Thoughts

My friend and fellow PneumaBlogger, Frank N. Johnson over at Strategic Digital Outreach, was recently highlighted on GospelCom’s GospelCon blog. In “Flawed Follow-Up or a Flawed Philosophy of Evangelism?” Frank writes: “[T]hose of us involved in internet evangelism in the West have, in many cases, devalued face-to-face relationships and neglected (or even abandoned) the local aspect of Christian community. . . . [W]e … are much too quick to assume that virtual community is just as ideal as face-to-face community. . . .

Jesus Camp and BlogRodent on Word-FM

Last year, on October 3, I did a live interview with John Hall and Stephanie Fraschetti from Word-FM about the “Jesus Camp” documentary that was then the height of Evangelical fear-mongering (start here if you don’t know what I’m talking about: “Jesus Camp: Brainwashed in the Blood — or Is it…

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On Values, Part 1

I’ve always been suspicious of the word “values” when used as anything other than a verb. As in: “Johnny values his bicycle.” I’m suspicious because it feels like a noble word that has been debased by liberal educators in order to pander “values-based” curriculum. (Remember the dreaded “values clarification” exercises?…

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