What is up … blogging brother?

What is up … blogging brother?

So, it’s been a wee little while since I last posted. Some of you have contacted me via email to find out what’s happening and to be sure everything’s okay. I appreciate that — I really do.

So I was sitting here tonight with pretty much nothing to do except wait for the Super Bowl to begin and I thought I’d take the time to post a brief update via my little four-year-old PDA.

Here are the highlights: We are all nicely settled into my father-in-law’s home. I have a nice little private space in the basement where I can pay bills and work at a desk. (This is important because since I lost my job back in 2006 we’ve gotten behind in some bills. We haven’t totally caught up yet, but my recent two month’s of full-time employment really helped.) I’ve spent several thousand dollars in the past keeping creditors happy — and the well has about run dry again.

Meanwhile, I have an interview with a great potential employer on Tuesday. I’m praying that if this is the job God has planned for me that he grease the wheels, open doors, and grant me favor.

Also meanwhile — and more importantly — I’ve finally decided it’s time to start the ministerial credential application process. Yes, after graduating from Bible college in ’91, earning 22 hours of graduate work in seminary, after three years of volunteer campus ministry, and after almost two decades of hemming and hawing and seemingly justifiable delays, I am going to seek entering full-time ministry.

I clearly can’t beat ‘em, so I may as well join ‘em. ::grin::

Fortunately, I have the strong support of my family and friends and a very encouraging pastor helping make the decission easier.

Who knows? Come June or July I may well be Rev. Tatum and preaching all over Michigan!

So, please pray — not just for me, pray also for the poor people who will be subjected to me!

Meanwhile — it’s the kick-off.


4 thoughts on “What is up … blogging brother?

  1. DLE


    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    I understand where you’re coming from. We face the same issues here. When I said it would be a long, hard road, I didn’t know it would be this tough. Nor did I know we’d be joining you on that road.

    Blessings on your job interview.

  2. Robert Jimenez

    I was unemployed for 3 years, I had the hardest time finding work. I had to sell my home and move into a much smaller place, get rid of my car, it was really tough. But I have to tell you that as hard as it was (depressed, unsure) I grew so much closer to the Lord, and caused me and wife to draw close as well. We even bankrupt, it was so hard. Why share? This is a sad story, right?

    It was in many ways life changing – I changed so much. 3 years later, I am now working full time for IBM, I am an Assistant Pastor at my church, and we are saving to buy another home.

    God will work this out, in the mean time like my Pastor tells me enjoy the ride. Sounds crazy right? But what else can we do? Looking back, I may have stressed out, when I just should have trusted him. Ok, during that time I had to take a job selling cameras (very humbling for me I have always had a professional job and had to wear this funny uniform), I would shoot weddings on the side to make extra money, but God did provide.

    Listen, I don’t know you but I know that God is in control, and as my wife would say jokingly please learn what it is that God wants to teach you so that we can move on. Laugh as much as you can trust me it helps. We use to joke every Friday night at our home bible study. Well Praise God, we have our home to meet again, and lets pray that next week we are not meeting under the bridge.

    I was at a bible conference in February of 2005, and I really sensed a word from God. This is what I believe he told. “He is going to provide for me and give me rest, and that I should just trust him”. I was really tired at this point, but I was also at peace and content. I was fine where I was at, and could live this way, if that was his will. Well, the job I was at wanted me to start working on Sundays (I have to back up a bit, I left a very good job behind working for DreamWorks as Head of their Technology Operations in order to better serve God – long story will share at another time) so I was not about to go through all that I had gone through just to start missing church on Sundays. So I told my wife that I was going to resign. She said go for it, God will meet our needs. Within days of me turning in my resignation, I had three job offers. I have been with IBM since.

    I remember at times I would say to God, this isn’t funny Lord. Hey we made it through and so will you. If you need some encouragement I would be more than happy to be a friend. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Robert Jimenez

    P.S. sorry for the long post

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