Welcome to the new me… same as the old me.

Welcome to the new me… same as the old me.


Hi, all.

First off, I apologize for not spending much time in this space over the past couple of months.

If you’ve followed my blog activities (and inactivity!), you know that on October 22, I accepted a position as marketing and media director at one of the Assemblies of God’s 100 largest churches. I was thrilled not only to have a job but to be in a position that required top-notch creativity and performance from many areas of my skill site — and many areas I was eager to acquire new skills in.

As marketing and media director I designed several promotional and in-house printed pieces, I wrote press releases, I worked with vendors, I approved and gave guidance for the video and broadcast editing (though not much of that because my staff was not only skilled but very professional and surpassed my knowledge in many ways). My team struggled with print deadlines, malfunctioning and aging equipment, and volatile tempers. I raised the visibility of my overworked team’s plight (loads of stress and too much work), and asked a lot of questions. I didn’t always like the answers, but my job wasn’t to change the church, but to understand it first.

Unfortunately, I failed to understand many things quickly enough and I now find myself looking for work once again after the single shortest tenure at any job I’ve ever held in my short, if rotund, life.

But, fortunately, my hasty departure from the church is not due to any sort of illegal, unethical, or moral wrongdoing. Instead, I chalk it up to a severe failure to communicate on my part. Which is ironic, really, since communication was my … err … job. (Big failure on my part.) As the pastor noted when he released me, my personality was not a good fit for the church.

Upon tearful reflection, we are agreed.

So, once more into the breach. My family and I will covet your prayers yet once more. We are packing up to move to Michigan where we will live with family while we wait for our Chicago home to sell and try to find gainful employment again.



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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the new me… same as the old me.

  1. Dave Godzwa


    I’m sorry to hear of your recent job loss. I’d been lurking on your site, following the twists and turns while praying for your ultimate hiring. I was happy to read about your new job at the church and admired the way you were throwing yourself into it in the same thorough style that you devoted to your Christian commentaries. Now, as you find yourself on the wrong end of the “despedida” as we say in Mexico, I feel for you and your family and the obvious strain that this is placing on you during the Holidays. Keep us informed, and know that, with each update you send, you’ve got friends who are praying.


  2. Carl

    Wow! Can’t believe the turn here. I will abstain from commenting on the status of the church as reflected in this but I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. sista cala

    I am sorry to hear about this turn of events. I will be praying for you and your family. Regardless of your short tenure, I’m sure you made a positive impact upon some folks. Only the Lord knows what changes you may have set into motion for the good. Ultimately, God is your rewarder and will no doubt bless you in the midst of your sacrifices.

  4. Deanna


    I’m so sorry to hear about this situation especially at the holidays. I know it probably doesn’t seem very comforting right now, but I know God has something better for you. I’ve walked where you are walking. I know it’s very difficult and so my true heartfelt prayers are with you. I will also keep my eyes and ears open for anything that might be of interest to you as far as jobs go. I know you will keep us posted.

    With love and prayers,

  5. Common Swift

    My prayers are with you Rich. Our Lord lets us go out on a limb sometimes and just because we fall sometimes doesn’t mean we’ll break. He asks not only mountain moving faith from us, but also simple trust for reasons known only to Him.

    Keep on with keeping on.


  6. Mark

    I think … well, you know what I think. This is a good move for you Rich. Sorry it came about as it did, but, even though this is Christmas, this is still a good move for you. You are a man of God, and God will direct your steps. Those who know you have great and unchanged confidence in you. We’re praying for you guys.

    Have a blessed Christmas.


  7. Rich Post author

    Hi, guys, sorry I didn’t respond to each of your very encouraging posts when you made them, but packing, moving, unpacking, and spending money while jobless and attempting further freelance work kept me too, too busy. Plus, I just didn’t have the heart to blog much or interact much whether here or in my usual discussion haunts.

    But in case you haven’t heard, I do now have a great job! Check out my post: “Rich T at the Big Z!

    Thank you all very much for your concern, your interest, and your prayers. I really appreciate you stopping by from time to time and I doubly appreciate you taking the time to encourage me in my down time.



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