Top 20 Bloggers (PneumaBloggers, that is)

Top 20 Bloggers (PneumaBloggers, that is)

Top 20 Bloggers (PneumaBlogs)
For some time I’ve wanted to provide some sort of real-world ranking system so that those of you who want to know who the “big fish” are can find them, and so those of you who have successfully worked your blog into the stratosphere would get a little praise for your effort.

After thinking about it and hacking around with some online tools, I finally have an easy way for me to quickly determine the Technorati Ranking of every blogger on my PneumaBlogs list. (The Technorati ranking is determined by the number of links to a site by other bloggers within the last few months. So it’s sort of like a “vote” by other bloggers.) Upon seeing the results I was surprised at some of the lesser-known bloggers making it to the top of the heap.


I hereby present you with the top 20 bloggers as ranked by Technorati. These rankings are current as of today (Monday, April 10), and will change over time. I’ll add the rankings to my PneumaBlogs list and update them maybe once a month or so. We’ll see. Meanwhile, those of you who are “unranked”, you might consider getting yourself added into Technorati and claiming your blog. It’s up to you, though. It doesn’t make you a better blogger whether you’re ranked or not. It’s just one way of organizing the list.

Anyhow, check these bloggers out. Bookmark ‘em, Danno, and add them to your feed reader. And be sure to stop by their blog and leave a comment on your favorite post entry. These men and women have worked hard, crafting excellent thought-pieces and digging up really cool resources for you to enjoy. They deserve your praise!


#1) Barbara Sanders Visit Blog
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Tidbits and Treasures COGblogger, grandmother to five, holding forth with gusto. Barbara’s range is quite surprising, she covers everything from other bloggers, books, politics, faith, and more, with a few fun posts thrown in for good measure, like her Friday Thirteen entries. A surprising and pleasant entry at the top of the heap![Technorati Rank: 1,821]
#2) Rose-Marie Slosek Visit Blog
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The Pen of the Wayfarer Relatively new blogger out of New England with poetry and photography interspersed with viral posts. From the site: ‘Ponderings on the matchless journey of following Christ.’ What’s stunning here is that in August of 2006, Rose-Marie contacted me shortly after she began blogging, seeking advice on how to draw attention to her blog. Less than a year later, she has the number-two slot on my list! Some day we’ll have to get Rose-Marie to explain how she rose so quickly in Technorati. Amazing.[Technorati Rank: 2,482]
#3) Adrian Warnock Visit Blog
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Adrian’s Blog Home of the Evangelical Aggregator. From his site: ‘British Christian Blogger, Psychiatrist, Preacher, Husband and Dad.’ Adrian has one of the most highly visited and widely quoted blogs on the Web. He’s well worth checking out, especially if you’re curious about what a Reformed blogger looks like![Technorati Rank: 5,989]
#4) Shawn Anthony Visit Blog
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Lo-Fi Tribe Brethren in Christ blogger: ‘a sort of virtual notebook, in which I scribble random and pithy thoughts regarding Jesus the Christ, Christianity and culture’[Technorati Rank: 8,223]
#5) Brad Hightower Visit Blog
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21st Century Reformation Charismatic reformed blogger: ‘Dedicated to the task of making disciples and building a morally beautiful community.’ Brad’s a very thoughtful poster with a slew of great bloggers in his linklist.[Technorati Rank: 12,314]
#6) Dan Edelen Visit Blog
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Cerulean Sanctum Pentecostal freelance writer. From his site: ‘Looking for the 1st century Church in 21st century America.’ Dan’s another excellent blogger with not nearly enough traffic or attention going his way. Not only that, he’s a great all-round guy, even though he does live out in the sticks. If you’ve never heard of a Pentecostal fiction-writing farmer, you should check him out![Technorati Rank: 12,854]
#7) Bruce Harpel Visit Blog
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sprucegoose Philosopher, builder, and now theologian, blogging ‘prophetic musings about life and current events from the Univ. of Minnesota.’ Bruce is a reformed charismatic blogger with far too many degrees.[Technorati Rank: 21,693]
#8) Peter Smythe Visit Blog
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The Real Faith Lawyer and Pentecostal blogger heading into ministry, educated at Rhema Bible School, ORU, and Texas Tech School of Law. Peter is not the kind of guy you want to be at the pointy-end of an argument with, he’s way too smart. And how does he find the time to write so much?[Technorati Rank: 24,912]
#9) Dave Bish Visit Blog
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The Blue Fish Project Anglican Charismatic blogger from the UK thinking out loud with his blog (articles, and poetry)[Technorati Rank: 27,640]
#10) Diane Roberts Visit Blog
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Crossroads: Where Faith and Inquiry Meet Blogging from a Pentecostal point of view with a touch of the Reformation, Diane says her blog’s central purpose ‘is to examine and discuss current trends in the evangelical church and especially the Charismatic/Pentecostal wing.’[Technorati Rank: 29,220]
#11) Alexander M. Jordan Visit Blog
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Jordan’s View Applying gospel truth to all of life (cultural commentary by an evangelical, charismatic, thinking christian). Jordan also tries to ‘give back’ by collecting and providing great links to Christian resources.[Technorati Rank: 32,330]
#12) Mark Lauterbach Visit Blog
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GospelDrivenLife Mark describes himself as a reformed continuationist and is a pastor in the Sovereign Grace Ministries movement: Making the most of the cross and empty tomb.[Technorati Rank: 34,231]
#13) Paul Schafer Visit Blog
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Reforming my Mind MP3s From the blog: ‘Pursuing both the Reformed and Charismatic Traditions of Christianity.’ But that won’t tell you much because, really, Paul is a sermon hound. If you’re ever at a loss for what to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon, stop by here and find a few MP3 files to download. You won’t be disappointed.[Technorati Rank: 39,501]
#14) Mark Byron Visit Blog
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Pseudonymous Personal weblog of a self-described Bapticostal: ‘Commentary on politics, economics, theology, sports and anything else that pulls my chatty-ring.’[Technorati Rank: 39,939]
#15) Carl Thomas Visit Blog
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Revival Blog Carl’s gone through a couple evolutions as a blogger. But lately, he’s fine-tuned his focus to revival. Wherever God’s at, that’s where Carl wants to be. Barring that, he blogs on it![Technorati Rank: 43,265]
#16) Phil Steiger Visit Blog
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Every Thought Captive Personal pastoral blog: ‘A set of reflections on the contemporary church, culture, Christian philosophy and doctrine.’[Technorati Rank: 44,844]
#17) Wayne Newcomb Visit Blog
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Equippers Network With a varied resume as a former pastor, Bible college prof and dean, and suicide prevention center director, Wayne wants to help you fulfill your call.[Technorati Rank: 54,654]
#18) Rob Wilkerson Visit Blog
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Miscellanies on the Gospel From the site: ‘Galley-rower for Jesus Christ. Husband of almost 12 years. Father to four children (three boys and a girl). Telecommunications salesman. Reformed, charismatic, and evangelical.’ Rob’s on top of whatever’s going on in the Pentecostal/charismatic web. Watch his site for excellent summaries of disparate arguments.[Technorati Rank: 56,274]
#19) Julie R. Neidlinger Visit Blog
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Lone Prairie Blog Personal weblog of an artist, painter, and writer — once listed in the top 400 of blogs in the N.Z. Laid Bear ecosystem. Julie’s a great blogger and a great writer. If her art is as interesting as her writing, I’m sure she’d be worth hiring the next time you need a brochure redesigned or just want something to hang on the church foyer wall. Meanwhile, stop by her blog and enjoy her funny, sometimes edgy, and always interesting point of view.[Technorati Rank: 57,090]
#20) Peggie Bohanon Visit Blog
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Peg’s Place: Fun and Faith for Your Soul! Maybe not ‘viral,’ but somehow contagious: ‘a lite version of the popular Peggie’s Place on the Web.’ Peg’s an old friend of mine from back in the day (when I was at Springfield, MO) and I’m continually amazed at how this gentle lady went from being totally intimidated by the Web, to eventually rising to become the editor of one of the largest Christian newsletters around (Internet for Christians). Peg’s no longer editing IFC, but she’s still blogging, and still putzing around with her website. For a good chuckle or two, stop by and say Hi! Tell her I sent you. She’ll get a kick out of that. No, really. She will.[Technorati Rank: 59,819]

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25 thoughts on “Top 20 Bloggers (PneumaBloggers, that is)

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  8. DLE


    Thanks for the include!

    BTW, I’ve never understood the rankings of sites. I once checked out the Truth Laid Bear’s Ecosystem rankings and top God blogs list and nothing lined up. I checked the Sitemeter stats of several of the top 25 blogs and several were less than 150 hits a day.

    Part of inflating your ranking is getting on every blogroll list known to Mankind. That’s almost a hobby for some people, but I tend to be very discriminating as to what blogroll lists I consider. So far, I haven’t considered all that many.

    I do consider yours, though! :-)

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  11. Rich Post author

    Thanks for stopping by, Kyle!

    Dan, you’re right, the Technorati ranking system can be gamed. I’d rather use a “composite” ranking that combines the various ranking systems and a persona score that I assign, but that’s a lot of work right now. Something may be available for me to do that in the future, but not yet.

    On the other hand, I’ve considered just ranking according to traffic and asking everybody to host an image file that I monitor. But that, too, is a lot of work, and I don’t want to require anything of my fellow PneumaBloggers. Some don’t want to display the badge, and that’s okay. Why should I force the issue?

    And, really, traffic, like inbound links, is not really a measurement of quality. If it where, McDonald’s would be a better restaurant than this great little Thai restaurant in Springfield, Missouri, that I know and love. But, alas, I know it’s not.

    Some of the lesser luminaries in my list are able and engaging bloggers, deserving much more traffic, such as Marc Velasquez at Spudlets, or Monte Lee Rice, blogging on the Holy Spirit at perichorus, or my friend, Kathi Sharpe, blogging at I Am Healed.

    But, in the end, as the list grows, it helps to have some kind of “significance” indicator. I just wish I knew the best way to do that, other than to just list my favorites.


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  13. Amy

    I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix my Technorati stats. I get credit for half of my links going to and half going to even though both addresses lead to the same site. This totally kills my Technorati rank… not that it matters I guess.

  14. Rich Post author

    Hmm, Amy. It looks like you claimed it twice, according to your on Technorati. You have two claims, one for and one for … their ranking is pretty similar, so I don’t think it’s split, it’s probably a matter of database logic. And I don’t think you necessarily need to change it. In a real sense, you may be getting Technorati to link to your posts twice, which is not maybe a bad thing. Except that it’s probably unintentially “gaming” the system somewhat. :: grin ::

    You could probably delete the one clamed blog without doing any damage to your ranking.

    Which, by the way, is currently #30 on the PneumaBlogs list.


  15. Rich Post author

    By the way, if any of you want to track your Technorati stats easily over time, create a web page that you can load up whenever you want (or add this to an existing page) and link to an image like this:

    Notice where it says BLOGURL, that’s where you want to stick your … blog URL. Also, the image URL should all be on one line no spaces.

    The result will be something like this (with my data plugged in:

    You can also play with the paramaters in the URL to get slightly different results. Like just seeing the change in rank for the past month, and changing the size of the image:

    For more information, see this page: “.”



  16. Rich Post author

    Hey, Amy, thanks for the link to your sister’s site. You’re right, she has a lot of link-love. And she’d actually be number 8 as of today!

    Jami has a great blog, but it’s quite a bit more of a personal and family journal style blog than I want for this list. I hope you understand (this is a subjective list, after all). She is, however, free to display the PneumaBlogger button if she wants, as is anybody who self-identifies as a Spirit-filled blogger. Not that she’d want to put the button on her site, but just in case, she’s fre to do so.



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  18. Michele

    I really think that those of us who have understood the system and have tried to turn it to our advantage are getting a bum rap! There are 71 million blogs out there, how else would a little blog that is just staring out get noticed by technorati and google? I think of it as being wise like serpent and innocent like a dove :-)

  19. Rich Post author

    Yeah, I’m admittedly “gaming” the system a bit just by creating my pneumablogs list and asking folks to link back, but even if Technorati and other services didn’t rank by links I’d still do it, because the list is useful, it’s edited, and it “gives back” in terms of traffic, recognition, and shared “authority.”

    Plus, it simply helps me get to know my fellow niche bloggers better, and I like that.

    However, once blogrolls get into the multiples of hundreds or even the thousands, they become far less useful and interesting without some way to rank the significance of each blog. And almost every method of ranking has inherent flaws. So … :: shrug ::


  20. Rich Post author

    I’d rather be a chief blogger, but if I have to cook something up without getting egg on my face and getting the tasty kudos I so hungrily await, I’ll just stay in the kitchen whipping up more posts until that day comes and I get my just desserts.

    :: grin ::

    (Punnery. The lowest form of humor, and sometimes the most self-rewarding, even if nobody else apreciates it!)


  21. Rich Post author


    I think it’s generally harder to get good pagerank on Google because it relegates its blog searches to a separate search utility, Google Blogsearch. I wouldn’t be surprised, either if Google simply doesn’t rank blogs as high as it does standard website pages. My blog here is helped by my “4” Google PageRank for other content here. But if I were to build this blog all over again, I would put it off the root of my site so that it didn’t have /blog/ in the URL at all. I’ve read that this helps with SEO on blogs.


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