Blake Bergstrom, pitched tents, and the fake FCC fine

Blake Bergstrom, pitched tents, and the fake FCC fine

Remember the “pitch his tents” sermon by Blake Bergstrom? No, tell me you haven’t forgotten about the youth pastor who insisted that Lot pinched his bosom … several times–and then nearly passed out from embarassment. Well, then refresh your memory over at “When sermons go awry“, first, because the followup here is priceless.

Blake still has a job, fortunately, but his employers aren’t above never letting him live it down. Recently, the film crew of Prank 3:16 showed up with several hidden cameras and wired the church offices for sound. On the heels of the Janet Jackson bosom pinching incident, three faux FCC agents corral a sweaty, rubber-kneed Blake to explain the severity of his mistake. Claiming that radio stations around the nation have been airing his sermon slip, and since the church has been sending out emails mentioning it, they had cause to cite him for code violations to the tune of $50,000.

Feel the schadenfreude as Blake’s mouth drops open and he holds his head in his hands. This is priceless.

Prank 3:16: Blake Bergstrom

Thanks to Peggy Bohanon for the tip.

Note: if the video doesn’t play, let me know. I have an archived version I can post to the site.

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