links for August 7, 2006 links for August 7, 2006

Rich's Delicious LinksThese are a few of the things I’ve recently found interesting, but don’t have the time to properly blog on. I don’t necessarily like or agree with the links here, I just think they’re interesting. And just in case you do, too, enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “ links for August 7, 2006

  1. DLE


    Thanks for the link to my series at Cerulean Sanctum!

    As for the “ever-brilliant” part, you should see me in the mornings! Not pretty. More along the lines of “Where am I?” than brilliance.

  2. Rich Post author

    Ha ha, me too. But you must get a good head of steam going by the time you start writing your blog entries at night because you’re one of the better bloggers out there. Even if I just read the titles and first paras of your blog, I wind up thinking, “Wow, what a great idea to blog on. Darn, scratch that off my list.”

    As if I even had a list.

    Good work, Dan.

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