Most popular blog posts in 2005

Most popular blog posts in 2005

I thought I’d take a look back on the last six months, since I began blogging here, and see which of my posts received the most attention from you, my patient readers. The results are in, and I am dutifully sharing them, despite the fact that this post will only serve to draw more attention away from my other, equally deserving but under-noticed, blogerature. (Yes, I know. It’s not a word.)

To all who stop by for a regular dose of pneumatic bloggyness: “Thank you!”. And thanks also to you who’ve written to say this is now your favorite blog (What? Are you kidding?). SiteMeter tells me traffic has been rising at a fairly regular clip (see graph). This, of course, elates me and causes me to compulsively check my blog stats nearly every day. SiteMeter. Heh. Should’ve been named CrackMeter. It’s that addictive. I’m told that if traffic keeps growing at this rate, I will be cleared to initiate my plans for global domination within months: All your blog are us!


The Top 15 Posts for 2005

Total page views are followed by the post title, and a link to that post.

#1: 6,884 – When sermons go awry…
#2: 6,205 — When worship goes awry…
#3: 1,547 — When sermons go awry, revisited

Who knew “pitching your tent” could be so much fun? Or that a dance mix could move your butt “from side to side?” I loved and hated Blake Bergstrom for a while. I loved him because he generated so much site traffic just crazy-fast—and I still get numerous Google daily on this. I hated him because none of those visitors ever stayed. They came, selfishly enjoyed their laugh, and tanked my bandwidth. Ingrates.

But I’ve learned an important lesson: Blake didn’t take himself too seriously, and I shouldn’t take my blog too seriously. It’s a blog, not the Magna Carta. Have fun once in a while.

#4: 1,295 — Justin Berry: From ‘camwhore’ to water-baptized witness for the State

This one rocketed to the top of the heap. Everybody, it seems, is compulsively freaked out and fascinated by this precociously odd teenager’s tale of sexual dysfunction and subsequent redemption at the ink-stained hands of a balding journalist.

#5: 877 — Anne Rice channels the Jesus you never knew…

Which reminds me… I’ve got to finish that book someday and write the review I promised.

:: yawn ::

Yeah. That about sums it up.

#6: 638 — Robertson’s irrational God. (Oh, and Intelligent Design, too.)

Pat. Always good for a few hits. Metaphorical, or otherwise.

#7: 608 — “It’s okay … I’m Emergent. I’m here to help.” Or, de constructing the helpful deconstruction.

I always wish this one got more attention than it did. I’m glad to see it make the top 10, though, because I remember feeling pretty good about this post. The dude who inspired my post never commented. So, on to the next big idea!

#8: 571 — Katrina, courage, faith, and tribes

In the proud tradition of bloggers everywhere, I take someone else’s brilliant commentary and try to keep you from reading his words while pummeling you with mine. Don’t let that fool you. The original post is still well worth the read.

#9: 560 — Youth pastor slays wife, confesses. Why, oh why?

This one’s still fresh, and still raw. It still saddens me, and I’m still getting email about it.

#10: 438 — My quiz results: theology, theologian, and denomination

I’ll never understand why this one got any attention at all. Some people like test results I guess.

#11: 424 — Unto … the uttermost parts of the blogosphere

My call for fellow Pentecostals to get into the blogosphere. One guy answered the call, and now he’s trying to get as far, far away from me as possible. He’s going to Alaska. Sure, he’ll be a missionary, and risk starving or freezing to death. But that should tell you something.

#12: 394 — Hirsute pentepomollectual bloggers

I still sport my goat/vandyke. However … I am seriously considering shaving my dome bald. I just gotta be different like all my blogging friends.

#13: 385 — Charismatic Heresy

The original Charisma article that started my rant is still available, and still worth the read. I think there is a difference between being negative toward a faith movement and being openly honest about it’s problems. I hope I’m in the latter camp. If you think I’m not, ping me.

#14: 376 — Hurricane Katrina, relief, and the Assemblies of God

The need is still great.

#15: 374 — Spiritual formation is not discipleship

 Dallas Willard is the Man. His criticism here, is right on.

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2 thoughts on “Most popular blog posts in 2005

  1. Marc V

    Do you have one of those “misshapen” skulls that will make your head look bumpy/lumpy if you get it shaved? Some folks have a fairly smooth skull, so that going bald (or getting a Capt. Picard[1st season] thin wrap-around stubble of hair) does not look bad. With other folks you have to wonder if they were repeatedly dropped as infants. Not that I’m trying to imply anything …

    I came close to getting that ’96 Buick Roadmaster I was trying to interest you in, but the next month or so is not a good time for taking on that kind of debt, although it seems like it has been that way for a long time.

  2. Blake Bergstrom

    Hey bro … I am glad that I was the reason that your blog skyrocketed. Please don’t hate me … it was just an accident. I’d love to get to know you. You should have me out to speak … I’d be honored.

    Much love,


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