Peter Waldo

Peter Waldo


A rich merchant of Lyons, heard the ballad of a troubadour singing of the virtues of the monastic life, sought the advice of a priest, and gave his wealth away after providing for his wife and placing his daughters in a cloister. Hired priests to translate the Bible into French and urged people to follow Christ into poverty. Was threatened of excommunication by the Archbishop of Lyon and so appealed to the Pope Alexander III at the Third Lateran Council of 1179 in Rome. There he faced the ridicule of Walter Map, an Englishman, but the Pope was impressed and ruled that they could preach only by the invitation of bishops. He disobeyed, continued to preach and was Excommunicated by Pope Lucius III in 1184. His disciples came to be known as Waldensians. Considered to be the "reformers before the Reformation," their message stressed a return to the Bible, but lacked the emphasis of God’s grace the Reformation carried.

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