Pentecostalism and Charismatics

Pentecostalism and Charismatics

The evangelical awakening gained unexpected reinforcement in 1906 from another source of "personal" Christianity, Pentecostalism. The Pentecostal experience–"the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues"–was not new. The spark of twentieth-century Pentecostalism as a three-year-long revival, beginning in 1906, at the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles. There were personal experiences of tongue-speaking earlier, but Azusa Street ignited world-wide Pentecostalism. Christians from all over North America, Europe, and the Third World visited Azusa Street and carried the fire back home

Pentecostal denominations followed. The largest in the United States were the Assemblies of God, the Church of God in Christ, the Church of God, and the Pentecostal Holiness Church. These were usually filled with socially and economically depressed people. In 1960 the Pentecostal experience broke out in middle class Lutheran and Episcopal congregations.

This new explosion of Pentecostal passion was dubbed "neo-Pentecostalism" or "Charismaticism". Its fall-out drifted in all directions. Soon America was dotted with charismatic prayer groups, comprised mostly of members of "mainline" Protestant churches. They claimed to have found a new dimension in their Christian lives through the Pentecostal baptism.

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17 thoughts on “Pentecostalism and Charismatics

  1. ty

    Tuesday, December 5, 2006
    Holiness Standards

    Holiness Standards is what the United Pentecostal Church(UPC), Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ(ALJC) and other hard line Pentecostals organizations call their dress code and other rules that MUST be obeyed for membership. The funny thing is it doesn’t make biblical since, there is not levels of holiness — either you are holy or not holy.

    I was once apart of the United Pentecostal Church and left in 1995. I pastor a pentecostal church in Oklahoma City metro and continue to lead people to the Lord but with a better understanding of his word. There is a reason the Paul said “study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that need not be ashamed”. As a young preacher with the UPC my goals were to prove what I was told was true. Needless to say my studies led me to a closer walk with God. I’m not saying that the UPC or ALJC are lost, just in error. I know a great number of people that want to leave these Org., but are afraid of going to hell. They are told all others are going to hell.

    Let me give you some examples of what I experienced.

    UPC Minister’s Quotes

    Lee Stoneking
    - I believe those who do not believe in pre trib. rapture will be lost.
    - I will not preach in a church where I know women cut their hair, they have no power with God.

    Job Miraflor
    - Facial hair is a sign of rebellion.
    – It is acceptable on black members because they are self conscious of their lips.

    Charles Mahaney
    - Women who cut their hair have a spirit of prostitution.

    These are just a few! and I do mean a few. I was told if I married my wife who is black and I am white that it would ruin my shot at ministry.

    We had to ask if we could go on vacation, ask if certain clothes were ok, other were told not to buy a car or house without the Pastor’s approval.

    Some so called holiness standards;

    women can’t cut their hair, they will go to hell.
    women must wear dresses or go to hell.
    women can’t wear make-up, yep…hell
    men and women can’t wear jewelry…hell
    no tv…hell
    men can have short hair only.

    This is just a little of what I am trying to free Christians from. I’m not against modesty but how to obtain it is not the job of the preacher. We are to lead people to God not beat them into submission to Org. rules for fear of being ostracised.

    Go to your local UPC and you will probably hear something about holiness standards, just remember that means club rules and regs.

    This is a great site that breaks down the errors in detail.

  2. Jeanne Baker

    I believe that “TY” didn’t get his way and has bitterness against Pentecostals. I am a Pentecostal woman who has long hair, wears dresses, no makeup and excessive jewelry-not because it is “required” of me, but because I love Jesus very much and choose to separate myself. Our appearance influences people as to what we are, just as a school or military uniform does, and I’m glad to show that I’m Pentecostal. These standards are very much Bible based and I know that God is pleased with them-The world doesn’t know modesty and selflessness-just me, me, me.

  3. Dorothee

    Why are you so mad at Pentecost.? Does it sear your conscience. Why does it bother you so much that A woman wears A dress or has long hair? I i don’t understand what the big deal is that they dress different then most .if the church beliefs is not for you, then get out and go on your own way its easy and simple.

  4. Ty

    I am not angry with pentecostals, I pastor a pentecostal church! However I was apart of a cultic UPCI org. The only ones who do not see are those blinded by it (battered wife syndrome). I know more about the UPCI then the laymember I was a minister with them. I know things pastors said to me about the people. We were taught to keep strict rule ” so the people don’t go to far.” My good friend a UPC pastor in Stockton Ca. watches tv and his wife cuts her hair and teaches the women not because He said they will take it to far. Then he and many others sign the afirmation statement saying they don’t. I could give you names of many who do this, but why? your happy doing what you do. To try and lead you out is not possible over the internet. So live your life for God and not the pastor. Study something other than UPC writers, look into culture, history and open minded bible study.

    Best wishes.

  5. Ty

    “I believe that “TY” didn’t get his way and has bitterness against Pentecostals.”

    What are you talking about? I am a pentecostal and a pastor. Dresses are fine, but not the choice garment of the Lord, Long hair is great, but uncut is not biblical….

    Study someone other than your pastor or UPC writers! Shaved or shorn…. Does not mean you can’t cut. Bitterness did not change me — study changed me. I am a man, I wasn’t under this rule. My disdain is against lies and manipulation.


  6. Pensive

    I would say that I have to agree with the article here.

    I am Pentecostal and I think long hair, dresses, no makeup, etc. is great — if done for the Lord. But I also feel that those who don’t abide by these standards are not sinning.

    The nature of sin is intent. For all who choose to show their faith in this manner, I think its wonderful. However, it is not a ticket to heaven nor the defenition of Holiness. Jesus told the Pharisees to wash the inside of the cup and not just the outside. God sees us for who we are inside.

    So many times in the Bible, Jesus tells us to love one another as He loved us. I believe the intent behind the holiness standards was definitely one of love. However, time has shown us that it is so easy for us to follow standards and look down on and even shun or chastise those who don’t.

    Ask yourselves this: How many times have a couple of us gotten together and talked about how so-and-so cut her hair or how awful they are because they got their ears pierced? Many of us have done this. Who are we to judge? If abiding by these standards is what the Holy Spirit moves us to do, then wonderful. But don’t forget Romans 14:2-10. It speaks alot to how Christians should view others and how different we can be. All the while being loved in the eyes of the Lord.

    But, for an example, if in her own eyes, a woman worships the Lord with all of her being, do you really think God will damn her to hell for wearing a pair of slacks to church instead of a dress? Do you think an 80-year-old grandmother who puts modest makeup on her face is trying to elicit lust in men?

    If it is a shame for a woman to cut her hair, should they not also remain completely silent in the church? Paul was pretty clear on that point too. It is a matter of interpretation. I’m not talking about looking for off-the-wall truths. I’m talking about researching the times the scriptures were written in as well as the original Greek words. Things can be seen quite differently and make alot more sense when seen that way.

    We have been fed many things by our pastors (in good intention of course) that are simply against what Jesus taught. For every biblical instance that a standard is “supposedly” taught, I can find you two or three that say the way we are interpreting it is wrong.

    The auther is right when they mention study. It is only through study and worshiping in Spirit and in Truth that we will know the will of God.

    Now please, don’t get me wrong. I know I sound passionate about this, but it’s because I was met with hatred from THREE Pentecostal churches before I found acceptance. I was judged for the way I look and because I was not raised in the church. It is only because I love the Lord, and had a strong desire in my heart, and believed in the truths taught by the Pentecostal church that I kept on my faith walk. But how many souls have we pushed aside? How many have we lost to judgement? Aren’t we in the business of saving souls?

    At my own baptism, my girlfriend (raised in the church) was told she shouldn’t see me because ALL men of the world are out to defile her. That my baptism meant nothing. That my sins were too great to REALLY have changed. That she should date someone in the Church (all of whom were heavy drinkers, fornicators — I could go on). They were youth who I saw very frequently in the bars on Saturday and raising their hands on Sunday (unbeknownst to their parents).

    I was seeking the Lord. I put down the bottle. I am 28-yrs old but struggled with alcohol for 10 years. I am now 100-percent sober and filled with the Holy Ghost. God has delivered me and changed my life. My old life is quite a testimony but it would take too long to post it here. :o) LOL.

    Anywhoo, She and I are still together and live for the Lord. She and her family never once raised judgement against me and now I am filled with the love and grace of my Lord and Savior. My old life is gone, but those who should have embraced me and guided me, pushed me away in THREE different churches. Because I wasn’t “one of them.” Because I had facial hair. That’s it. LOL.

    Sounds silly when you think of it. Especially when in the Bible it was considered a shame for David’s men to be clean-shaven. That’s why I am so animated.

    I do apologize if I offended. But its the truth. The standards, I feel, can lead to judgement. And judgement leads to lost souls.

    I’m not saying we should do away with them. Far from it. I think they’re great and they can show a great deal of pride for our faith and devotion to our God. I’m only saying we should be careful how far we take them. We claim to love all, but when we push others away, we shove them right back into the world we claim to be saving them from. As a result, we become a part of why its so corrupted ourselves.

    God’s blessings to all.

  7. MaximusDelta

    This is idiotic.

    You people who say that you are Pentecostal know in fact what the Bible says about standards.

    It is simple: woman do not cut their hair, men cut their hair, as for men’s apparel and women’s apparel — I have been in the Middle East in know for a fact the men and women’s apparel are different. They may look like the men are wearing dresses but it is different.

    As for the women being silent in the church you need to study that. It has nothing to do with women being quite in church.

    The reason you “pastor’s” left the holiness standards was for only to get the world to come to your church so you can appease to the Spirit of this world and/or you wanted a taste of this world to satisfy your own lust.

  8. Ty


    I was not writing to strict apostolics, due to the fact you can never be wrong. However it is a warning and insight to any who would contemplate attending one of these cult type churches. You don’t know me nor do you know the level of modesty our church holds. Moreover, given your response you have not studied these issues out.

    Holiness has no standards. You are holy by God’s declaration not your own. You are either holy or not, Righteous or not, sanctified or not.

    I’m not chasing lust, only truth.

  9. Lynn Logan

    I totally agree with the pastor.

    I was raised in the UPC church. I was only second generation. My mom had been raised Baptist and Assembly of God before coming to UPC. I have nothing against the way I was raised. I love the environment of the worship and praise. It is where I honed the talents that God gave me. And I love God with all my heart.

    I too was raised with the belief that if you weren’t UPC, you weren’t going to heaven. If you didn’t speak in tongues, you weren’t going to heaven. If a woman wore pants, jewelry (necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) you were going to hell. If a woman wore pants, she was going to hell. If a woman wore make up, she was going to hell.

    I have come to the realization that there are even discriminations between churches in the organization. When I came back to the lord a little over 2 years ago, as much as I loved the UPC upbringing that I had, I just didn’t feel led to go back to a UPC church. I really, really prayed about this. God led me to the church that I am at now. The pastors also used to be UPC. Upon deep study, Our senior pastor was also led to get out of the organization.

    This all started with my mom. She had cancer. She was going to an ALJC church that was formerly a UPC church. While my mom was sick, not one member of the church offered any help to me or her while we were taking care of her. My little 80 year old Baptist mother in law would come over and sit with my mom, pray with her, cry with her and be her friend. I truly saw the love of Jesus in her.

    God showed me that as there are many different religons, there are many different denominations within those religons. I now know that just as people are individuals, there are individual churches to satisfy they’re spiritual needs. Whether it be Pentecostal, Baptist, Assembly of God, Non Denom (as I am), methodist, Lutheran or, even Catholic.

    His Word say, whosoever believes on me SHALL NOT perish. I did not understand why it was not ok to wear necklaces and such but, it was ok to wear a big gaudy brooch or hair jewelry clips or pins. Why it was not ok to wear mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow but, it was ok to wear base and powder. Why it is not ok to wear nail polish but, it is ok to get a french manicure. Why it is not ok to wear pants but, it is ok to wear culottes or gauchos. Jewelry is jewelry, make up is make up, pants are pants. Underwear have 2 legs. so do pantyhose. BTW, t-shirts and ball caps were made for the British army men originally so, ladies, no more t-shirts or caps. Blouses were originally made for men.

    There are too many discrepencies within they’re own churches and beliefs. It has taken me a while to un brainwash myself and I am still having difficulty. I know a lot of unsaved folks according to the Christian standard but, I don’t know they’re heart. I know a lot of my friends have even turned from God totally because of the strict standards they were raised with. THank God, my mother wasn’t as strict. She wasn’t a hypocrite either. She lived what she believed. She was unjudgemental and loved by everyone. I have an even closer walk with GOd than I’ve ever had before because I have experienced the LOVE of God. No longer do worry so much about what I am doing wrong that will send me to hell.

    I do not have to suffer in legalism. I now feel free to worship and live for God. Jesus Christ died that All would be saved. I finally found out that it’s not so hard to be saved as I was brought up. I hope that I can help someone suffering with the guilt and shame of Pentecostalism. I do not hate the UPC church, on the contrary, I love it very much. I just do not agree with the Phariseeical “rules”.

    Please contact me if you are in need of someone to talk to.

    lynnsinger1 (at)

  10. Lynn Logan

    One other thing I forgot to mention, all throughout the Bible, there is scripture about the Bride of Christ being adorned with refined gold. The children of Isreal did take off they’re jewelry when they went before the Lord in judgement but, they always put it back on. Revelation is so explicit about heaven’s beauty when it describes walls of jasper, gates of pearl and, streets of gold. Just like anything else, if the object becomes your love, such as the love of money being the root of evil. Not money itself but, the love of it. If the fine jewels become more important than God, then, it is a sin. Just like anything else that is put before God.

    For some it is jewelry, for some money, for some fine cars, for some clothes, for some houses, and for some…..dare I mention….food. Being raised in the UPC church, we were some of the biggest eaters. And gluttony is a sin. But, that’s a whole other subject. many times was jewelry given as a peace offering or a necklace given as a sign of affection in the Bible.

    You must look at not only the culture and practices during that time but, also the right interpretation and meanings. What it boils down to is this. God’s people are in all Christian denominations. He doesn’t change but, his methods do. The Bible says that until all his people come together as one, we won’t see his return.

    I believe that means looking past everyones “beliefs” and coming together with a common goal. The commission of Christ. To seek and save those which are lost.

    All of this dissention must stop.

  11. teresa denson

    I believe we all need to be more concerned about saving the Lost and not be arguing about standards. Jesus said for us to go forth and preach the Gospel to every creature. If we preach Jesus Christ and him crucified and lead them to Jesus then Jesus will do the rest.

    My pastor says the ground is level at Calvary. We all have sinned and come short of God’s glory. We need to all work on ourselves and pray to God for mercy on us all. We all need God’s mercy. No matter how holy we think that we may be. We all have issues and problems that we need to work on. We haven’t made it yet till we hear him say well done thou good and faithful servant enter into my rest.

    My pastor also preaches that you can look the most holy on the outside and if your inner attitude is wrong then you aren’t where you ought to be either. Self righteousness is a sin. We none have anything to be self righteous about. The bible says our righteousness is a filthy rags.

    Therefore, instead of boasting about what we dont do we need to humble ourselves before God and beg for mercy.

  12. Heather

    O.K. I too am a pentecostal girl. I do not believe that only pentecostal people will go to heaven, nor do I believe that wearing pants, shorts, makeup, or jewelry will cause me to go to hell. What I do believe is that we are all here on earth for a short time, and we are all striving for the same thing and that is to make it to heaven. I am also striving to receive all that I can from Christ while on this journey. Having the Holy Ghost is not the only way to heaven. Being saved is, however God has so much more than just being saved. I am sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, and yes I have spoken in tongues. I was not taught how, I do not believe in that; the Holy Ghost spoke through me. I am a haridresser. In no way do I believe that I am going to hell for cutting hair. As a matter of fact, I feel with all that I am that God has called me into this industry. This is my mission field. I do not feel that the women who choose to not cut their or wear makeup or pants is trying to be holier than thou. I feel that they feel in their hearts that they are supposed to live this way. I commend them greatly. It is not our place to judge, we all need to realize that we are all trying to make this journey and if we are not able to get along on earth then how are we supposed to make it to heaven and spend eternity together. I ALSO BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART THAT YOU NEED TO BE REAL CAREFUL NOT TO DISRESPECT PASTORS, EVANGELISTS, OR ANYONE ELSE CALLED BY GOD. Just because you do not agree with them, doesn’t give you the right to down grade them. They are called by God. What they teach and say is on there hands. That is between them and God. That is why we are to study God’s word and PRAY PRAY PRAY. Work out your own salvation. Don’t walk around saying you are wrong and you are wrong and you are wrong, walk around wth confidence that you know Christ and He teaches you things everyday. We are called to love, not tear down, and to judge. We are to witness and we are all back biting and being crtical and wasting preacious time. I pray that we all put aside the politics in church and just love eachother and strive to make it to heaven and win our friends and neighbors for the Lord on our journey. I love all of you and we need to be careful not to let satan play distracting games with our minds and souls. May God bless.

  13. RevCane

    I have been studying this point of scripture for a while:

    1 Timothy 2:9 KJV: “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”

    *What else could it mean? I attend the Congregational Holiness Church, we speak in tounges, and run a Pentecostal- style service like other Holiness churches, some churches in our denomination are more strict than others, but most ladies have their hair however they please, but still where dresses and very little, if any, make up. I’ve been to other churches in our denomination where women still where long hair up in buns, no makeup, and long dresses. It is quite common in Alabama where I live. And I see where they base this belief.

  14. T S G

    Ty, I do know you and it saddens me to see you walking away from the truth. You try to set up men as infallable when we both know that this pastor whom you and I shared for many years was plainly a man who erred in a great many ways you need to separate men from the org. That doesn’t mean that the upci doesn’t have it’s faults afterall it was made by men. just as your perfect church is. You had problems with bucking authority all through the marine corp. and it sounds like you still have problems with your perspective in regaurds to authority. We don’t believe you’re going to hell over these things you’ve mentioned afterall God does judge the heart But there is an important part in the church for holliness standards and i’m sorry to see how you’ve so eagerly discarde them. I just hope you nver forget the responsibilty you have for all those souls in “Your” church because you will be held accountable.
    Sincerely tsg
    p.s. and we are still prayng for you

  15. Holyroller125

    I am a Methodist, and yes, Methodist have not really ever had a standard of dress per se, or Methodist would not preach that holiness is a “standard” that one goes by.

    Earlier, I was attending a UMC church, and a UPC affiliated church rented it out. Our pastor invited the Pentecostal church in with our worship a few sundays. Yes, we had the pentecostal minister preach. Later, I did receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I know that the high point of the UPC is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am working with the UMC, and will preach the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The UPC pastor also preached standards of dress a lot because our girls in the Methodist church would come to the church without their standards of dress per se. Yes, we had girls in the Methodist church that would wear a miniskirt and even come to worship bare-legged without nylon hosier. I believe that it is taking it too far to say a woman will go to Hell if they do not wear nylons to worship. At the same time, I believe, as a man, that it is normal, when a girl wears a miniskirt even bare-legged, to look down and think the girl looks pretty. I still believe that even a miniskirt is not a Hell issue. And, I am thankful to be saved absolutely by grace through faith without legalism.”

    The World is my Perish, and I will preach to any audience (e.g. even if the woman has cut hair, cut hair does not mean the woman has a spirit prostitution).


  16. Joe

    I was a Pentecostal for most of my life, I no longer attend church claim to be christian or even darken the doors expecting God to just drop what he is doing just for me.
    You have defined the Charismatic view of Pentecost, “Do what you want, God will Forgive” , When in all TRUTH The Bible says to Strive daily for Perfection as your Father in heaven is Perfect. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it means you should yield to the conviction that God has placed on your heart. As far as a Women’s
    hair The Bible teaches that it is her Glory and no sharp edge should come to it, and a Man’s hair is his shame and it should be shaven. I too am in a interracial relationship, but have had no issues with the church regarding this. Even though the Bible teaches you to Marry of your own kind. I have attended Black Churches, White Churches, even other Denominations such as Baptist, Presbyterian,Lutheran, Catholic,Etc. and have never set foot in a Church Like a pure Holy ghost Driven United Pentecostal Service. I think in your search for truth, you should really look at the words God has given you, and remember this..Work out your own Salvation with Fear and Trembling…Those words every true believer will know where to find, and will know that no denomination, church or preacher can save you, it’s a choice you make when called, a pastor is there for guidance and direction as explained in the Bible teachings of the five fold ministry.

  17. taylor thayer

    i am a pentecostal and i waer the dresses and skirts but i paint my nails whatever color i want. i wear jewer;y and my family and everyone else at my church doesnt say anything. i married my ol.d pastors grandson and now he is the pastor there. i dont always follow all the pentecostal ru;es. i wasnt church raised but my two little girls are beib=ng church raised. i do not cut my hair or my daughters my oldests hair is already down to her wwaist and my youngers is to the middle of her back. they are 6 and 10

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