Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell


Lord Protector of England (1642-1660?). England’s Civil War occurred under his rule. As a colonel in the Parliamentary forces he proved to be a military genius. His regiment, known as Ironsides, was never defeated in part because Cromwell instilled in his men a sense of discipline and Christian mission. In time he became a leader of the New Model Army, a force of 21,000 men, who considered their role in English history a call from God. By the end of 1646 Cromwell’s Army had forced Charles to surrender. But fierce resentment against Charles broke out in the Army and in 1648 war erupted anew. This time the Army defeated the allies of the king and the Presbyterians were purged from the House of Commons. In January 1649, Charles was executed in from of the royal palace of Whitehall in London.

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