David Livingstone

David Livingstone


The great explorer of the "dark continent" of Africa. When he was nineteen, he determined to devote his life to the "alleviation of human misery." He studied as a doctor o prepare himself for the work of a missionary, and, attracted by the fame of Robert Moffat in South Africa, he went there to help in the work. Arriving in 1841, Livingstone served for ten years in the ordinary routine of missionary work. But he was not a man to stay long in any one place. The mind and impulse of the explorer ere in him, and he was always drawn on, in his own words, by "the smoke of a thousand villages" that had never seen a missionary. Livingstone was at all times more han a traveler. His cause was the gospel. His journal abounds in passages of almost mystical devotion. What moved him more than anything else was what he called this open sore of the world"–the devastating slave trade of central Africa.

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