Conrad Grebel

Conrad Grebel

One of the early leaders, with Felix Manz, of the Anabaptist movement, more specifically of the Swiss Brethren at Zurich (of which the Mennonites and Hutterites are the direct theological descendants). Grebel and Manz, both well educated men of standing in Zurich were among the first supporters of Zwingli’s reformation. But following the reformer’s lead — the study of the Bible — they came to see the obvious differences in the apostolic churches and those of their own day. This difference lay most visibly in the practice of and theology behind infant baptism. Their resistance crystallized when in the Fall of 1524 Grebel’s wife bore a son. The Grebels refused to baptize their son and other parents followed their example.

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2 thoughts on “Conrad Grebel

  1. Marie Willoughby

    Thank you for this information about Conrad Grebel. And thanks for all of the information in other sites about Felix Manz. Today’s Christian need to know about their courage and convictions. We have it much too easy.

    M Willoughby, Michigan

  2. Rich Post author

    You’re quite welcome! I’m glad you found this useful.

    We probably do have it too easy, but we can always make it harder by simply standing up for what we believe. Sadly, too many of us lack the courage of conviction, or even the conviction.



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