New Orleans Christmas Party

New Orleans Christmas Party

I’ve been wanting to do a positive Hurricane Katrina followup for weeks. I’m frustrated. I nearly could, but I can’t, just yet.

So, I give. I’ll report the lack of a report.

So, there was a big Christmas party scheduled in New Orleans this weekend. Sponsored by Hosanna Fellowship, the A/G’s national Children’s Ministry Agency (CMA), and Convoy of Hope, it was to be free, packed with at least a hundred volunteers, full of Christmassy “Bags of Blessings,” and replete with Things-in-Church-That-Require-Blow-Hards:

“We will have carnival games with free prizes and candy and giant inflatable games and slides. There will also be free refreshments each evening along with a ‘sleigh ride’ through a winter wonderland and the Hosanna Choir will be presenting a musical called ‘Hope has Come.'”

(Note to my fellow Chicagoans: “Sleigh Ride,” above, gets the funny-quotes because our good friends in Louisiana don’t get snow and a sleigh is about as useful as a wheelbarrow without wheels. I wonder what a “winter wonderland” would be in the Bayou?)

There was a good press run-up to the event but I haven’t heard anything all weekend. I’m guessing it really happened—but press releases aren’t promises.

If any of you, my Benevolent Readers, attended this event, could you report in?


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