Egosurfing Google Print

Egosurfing Google Print

So, Google Books has been revived and released. Naturally, therefore, I egosurfed. Here is what I found:

This works so much like the “Inside the Book” search available at that I’m almost persuaded it’s the same technology. But searching via A9 returned a different result-set:

In neither case are you allowed to easily read the entire book on screen … in order to do so you have to laboriously search until you get the page you want with the results you want. Say you wanted to reach pages 1–10 of a particular book, you have to search until you get page 1, 2, or 3 in your result-set, then after reading pages 1–3 (assuming one or more pages aren’t blanked out to prevent intellectual material theft), you need to search for an exact phrase on page 3 in order to get another approximate set of pages matching your query. You do this, on and on, through the book.

Seriously, buy the book. This isn’t an easy way to read without paying the cover price. I don’t know what all the concern about copyright theft is about. This is so clearly useful for research and promotion but not much else.

Well, egosurfing aside, that is.

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