God-bloggers reaction to Katrina

God-bloggers reaction to Katrina

An interesting interview by Hugh Hewitt is available in transcript form, over at Radio Blogger. It’s worth the read, featuring commentary from his three guests, Biola University, Professor John Mark Reynolds; Louisville, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Albert Mohler; and Dr. Mark D. Roberts, theologian, author, pastor. There are no ground-breaking insights in the show transcript, but it’s a useful, brief, discussion of the problem of evil in the world and the proper Christian response to it.

One interesting point that I want to highlight was raised by John Mark Reynolds regarding a lot of the blame-casting that’s been going on about how slow the gummint has been to respond:

I … think we have a problem that’s unique to our culture. And that is that people are used to information, and even money, changing hands very quickly. We want to give money to the Red Cross, we use our credit card, it goes through in a matter of seconds. But a disaster like this reminds us that, really, concrete, steel, food, people—they don’t move so quickly. They move in real space and time. And yet, we’re used to being able to solve information problems immediately.

Well, in some ways, we’re facing a crisis that requires 1950’s technology: steel, people, concrete. Fixing very complex, very real world structures. And we’re going to have to be patient. We’re not going to be able to click a button and do it. … You just can’t move through three dimensional space immediately. And so patience in a crisis like this, when you’re hurting, that’s a hard thing to find. And the temptation is to blame the grown-ups, or the people in charge. But we have to remember that this isn’t the Internet.

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