A blog for those who haven’t yet believed–ultimate points for penultimate people

A blog for those who haven’t yet believed–ultimate points for penultimate people

Friend and CTI coworker, Craig Brian Larson, has started his own blog: “The Ultimate Issue,” an evangelistic companion-piece to his witnessing efforts.

Now, Brian’s an interesting guy: He’s a quiet, unassuming pastor at an Assemblies of God storefront church in the heart of Chicago. To meet him you wouldn’t know he’s the editorial force behind one of the best preaching resources on the planet: PreachingToday.com.

Yes, I work for the company that hosts and profits from that site, but I don’t profit from mentioning it. I do, however, really believe that if you’re preaching, you need to pay attention to the stuff that Brian’s working on. (That includes the book I mentioned in a previous post). But, if you think of him as a leader of preachers you might not easily think of him standing near a crowded Chicago sidewalk engaging individuals in one-on-one conversation, and passing literature to the interested ones.

Why does he do this? Let him tell the reason:

“I stand on the sidewalk and give literature to strangers because I care about them. I care about you. I am completely convinced that Jesus Christ is who he claimed to be and that he rose from the dead, and that changes everything. Believing as I do about Christ, not to share this wonderful news with others would be selfish, even irresponsible, like knowing that a building is on fire but not telling others to get out.”

Brian’s blog is all about helping the unevangelized and unchurched discover God. If your friend has a question you’re not sure you can field, send him Brian’s way (just not all at once!). It’s possible that by the time that happens, Brian will have already gently addressed the relevant question in his blog anyhow.

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