Church shooting at Sash Assembly of God, Sash, Texas

Church shooting at Sash Assembly of God, Sash, Texas

I just learned about an Assembly of God church shooting in Sash, Texas, not far from where I went to Bible college:

The suspected gunman, A.P. Crenshaw, walked into a North Texas church and opened fire, police said. Two people were killed, including church member Ernest Wesley Brown, 61, and pastor James Armstrong, 42. A third person inside the church was also shot.

Crenshaw, who is believed to be in his 50s, then allegedly shot and killed Holly Love Brown, 50, and her unnamed passenger before taking the woman’s car, officials said.

Please pray for the family, loved ones, and church members of this little community. As of now, there are no answers about why this happened, and the gunman killed himself after a standoff with SWAT.

Update: More details here. It started with words exchanged in the parking lot. Crenshaw returned, killed the man he was arguing with, killed the pastor, killed two women hiding behind their horse trailer at an intersection down the road, shot at a house, then went home and killed himself.

Police are looking for motives, but no amount of reflection or evidence will make sense of this.

Update: Yet another good update, this time from The Paris News (Paris is the town with the SWAT team that responded to the call for help). More details include: the man arrived at the church in his truck, drove it across the street, and then walked back with a gun. Both men were killed from only feet away. The pastor’s wife was a witness, and she survived, and two other church members managed to run into the woods without getting shot.

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  1. Kyle


    I knew James Armstrong personally. He was like a father to me. Bought me gifts for Christmas when I wouldn’t have had anything. He was a great man. I grew up with him being a father figure when I had none. He helped alot of people and is missed even now by so many. That’s all I wanted to say.

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