zhubert.com: Great Hebrew and Greek Bible Study Tool

zhubert.com: Great Hebrew and Greek Bible Study Tool

If you haven’t seen this site, yet, you should. If you ever refer to the Greek or Hebrew texts in your Bible studies or sermon prep, then you really owe it to yourself to check out this website:

For Fellow Students of the Bible in the Original Languages

When you get there, just check out your favorite passage in whichever language you prefer. Once you see the passage in all its glorious original language splendor, you can click on a word and get the lexical root, it’s basic meaning, and a bit more. You can suggest additions (or “fix”) definitions, the related words, etc., and your entry will be considered. You can also see the word frequency count of both the inflected form of the word you’re studying, and all its appearances in the root form, and by clicking on the graphs, you can go directly to those references. There is extensive use of tooltips to provide in-context information, and the hyperlinking is mind-bogglingly extensive.

This really shows off what you can do with a database and a basic corpus of text.

Again, wow!

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