Thoughtful AJ

Thoughtful AJ

thoughtfulAJ looking thoughtful/worried/constipated. Take your pick.

AJ is frequently “spacing out” with this blank look on his face, and about the only way for him to get out of his zone is for him to randomly slap his own forehead with his hand. It’s this weird zen-like form of autism, I’m convinced.

However, the doc says it’s fine, and Jennifer realized the other day that she does exactly the same thing.

And now she’s slapping herself on the forehead for no apparent reason. I guess I’m used to being around people with a thousand-yard stare. I’m not used to them smacking their foreheads!

Now, I don’t really know he’s “spacing out” here. This picture was taken by Jennifer. However, I suspect he is, because anytime there’s a camera within spitting distance, he can’t help but turn on the ham factor. So, in the absence of hammery, I conclude zennishness.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughtful AJ

  1. George

    Probably he just is thinking about something important to him. He’ll be fine, despite what his medical conditions say. You should check his sleeping and bowel habits, because he looks tired and a little constipated, and maybe check if hehas trouble going to thr bathroom.

  2. Rich Post author

    Thanks, George, for your concern. AJ seems to be doing fine. He’s abnormally bright for a boy his age (He’s entering kindergarten this year and he’s already playing chess, reading at a second-grade level, creating game levels on “Wonderland,” adding, subtracting and beginning to grasp multiplying–I pity his teachers). So, half the time, I think he’s just lost in his imagination and thinking processes.

    In the last few months, his auto-hand-slap to the forehead has disappeared. That may be due to his ADHD medication finally kicking in. Who knows?

    He’s a great kid to be around. Maybe he should start a blog? :: grin ::


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