[Tatum Elves]

December 25, 2004, Merry Christmas from the Tatums.

The Tatum elves shown here are AJ on the left December 1, 2001, and Elisabeth on the right, December 19, 2004. Both at about 8 1/2 months. It's amazing how much they look alike and yet different at the same time.

AJ is now 3 3/4 and is reading a bit. Anything spelled phonetically, he can read spot-on. Other things he reads come out sounding a little funny, but it just adds character. (Like MOUSE is pronounced "Mousey" in AJ land because he pronounces the E. But for 3 years old, I can't complain.

Elisabeth celebrates 9 months at the end of the year. She is crawling, and pulling herslef up on the furniture to stnading. Sometimes she even thinks she can walk, but falls right over. In any given room full of toys or Christmas wrapping, she can AND WILL seek out and play with AJ's toy. His trains are her favoirite, much to his dismay. He's learning to share, though. Just barely.

[Elisabeth]Jen calls Elisabeth her little vampire because after she cut her bottom two front teeth, she skipped the front two and went for the two fron side teeth, giving her a vampireish look. The fronts are not too far behind, but for now it's kind of strange.

Happy Holidays,
The Tatums and the Tatum Elves.