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BABY NEWS! 06-01-2004: Please welcome to the family Elisabeth Rose. Born March 31, 2004. She is 2 months old and has pictures of her slumber party: Baby area. Plus, see a few pretty pictures of one happy Elisabeth....

Also, you can watch this clip showing how AJ has mastered the Pledge of Allegiance. (Media Player 9 may be required.)
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COMMUNITY On the theory that you can never have too many listservs, I've created an A/G discussion group, called AOGDialog! Please feel free to join!
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- The Sharpe Logs, A set of transcripts nearly a full year of dialog between me and Kathi Sharpe, who converted to Christianity shortly after we began talking. This is a log of her questions, my answers, and the small-talk that goes on in-between.
- BlogRodent, my musings, some photography (I hope), a handful of links, and many words.
- PulpitRodent, a few rough and ready transcripts from my most recently delivered sermons and published stuff.
- See WordRodent, my quick and dirty word lookup tool.
- Read one of my graduate school studies about knowing God's will: "A Brief Survey of Crisis and Decision In the Acts of the Apostles"
- ad hoc IP Tools: A collage of webbed unix tools
- ChurchRodent: A Glossary of Christian History,
  under massive redesign, with a search engine.
- Integrity on the Internet: September presentation at Inspiration '98.
- Christianity, Cyberspace, and Culture
  Interview transcripts, articles, and essays.
- The Rodent's Bookshelf: A perpetual and personal book review 
- TypeRodent 1.2: A Word for Windows (6.0 or better) font utility
- AnsiRodent: An HTML table displaying all 255 characters
- New Mexico: Links from my home state
- Global Village: An essay about the 'Net by Bob Braswell, Ph.D.
- Jennifer: My bride and my friend

- Christianity Today (Internet Operations Manager)
- PreachingToday.com (Project Supervisor)
- The Official Assemblies of God Homepage(1995-1999)
- The Alan Keyes Show (Assistant webmaster, 1998)

- Ozarks Internet Users' Group: I was founding president in '95

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THE UBIQUITOUS LINK-LIST - The Electric Flying Machine (Uncle Gene Seibel)
- Rick's HomePage (Nephew Rick Tyrell)
- Southwestern A/G University (Alma mater)
- A/G Theological Seminary (My current school)


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